First JACK & JONES Concept Store Coming To Manchester

On the 14th of November 2013, JACK & JONES will open its doors to the first ever concept store in the UK. The new store concept is centered on this idea of quality over quantity, creating space for the consumers to hang out, relax and feel inspired.

JACK & JONES are a Danish label and jeans with a major focus on denim. They interpret current trends to reflect their own brand message and offer laid-back and cool designs with well-considered fits and innovative treatments. The unique brands that make up JACK & JONES include Originals, Core, Vintage and Premium and these offer a comprehensive edit of work wear inspired clothing and a collection of accessories alongside more trend led pieces and styles.

When the store was being designed and the concept considered, it was key to create a department store feel with several independent ‘in-shops’. By communicating the four aforementioned brands as four individual stores that are integrated in one solution, JACK & JONES wants to offer this kind of selection tot he customer in this way to make sure the brand’s style is instantly recognizable. as part of the concept, each area has been designed in a way that makes the brands aesthetic easily transferable to the shop-in-shops as well thus creating a unique shopping experience for the consumer.

The main goal with this store, and other future concept stores is to make the customers feel proud, entering into an authentic experience y creating the feel of into a ‘male comfort zone’, through specially created concept rooms throughout the shop area. This is something that we at MFM are excited to see, it is an interesting idea and is sure to be effective in achieving what JACK & JONES set out to do.

Don’t forget this store opens its doors on the 14th November in the Manchester Arndale Center.