Fill your watch box with 4 Rolex models to invest in at the moment from Watchfinder & Co.

Fill your watch box with 4 smart Rolex Investments from Watchfinder & Co, the luxury pre-owned watch specialists.

Rolex rolls off the tongue, probably because it’s the world’s most widely recognised luxury watch brand and often considered one of the most collectable. Known for beautiful finishes, stylish designs and complex movements, it’s no surprise that the Swiss Watchmaker has seen its timepieces on the wrists of some of the most important and influential men in history. Wanting to join the Rolex club? Here we provide you with an indispensable guide to the 4 Rolex models to invest in right now.

The Daytona has been Rolex’s flagship sport model since 1963. Possibly the most recognised watch design, and quite possibly the most popular model, it is one that any collector should make room for. This classic watch has an illustrious history, having been designed originally for racing drivers, it gained popularity for its association with 60’s driver and movie star Paul Newman. This Daytona in steel, has a white tone dial type and is water resistant up to 100 metres – known for its blistering average speeds, highly accurate chronograph and easy-to-read-dial, it is an eternal legacy of cool.

The Submariner, was the most significant at the time for Rolex, being the first of the water-resistant wristwatches. René-Paul Jeanneret – Rolex director at the time, was a keen amateur diver and in the sixties recognised the growing need for the waterproof watch. This watch is not just a classic Submariner, with its rare green bezel and dial, collectors nicknamed it “Hulk”. This edition boasts ceramic inserts in the bezel, and white gold numerals. Rolex’s steel sports watches are a sure-fire investment, the Submariner is the pioneering diving watch, and you can wear it with everything.

The Yacht-Master was inspired by the rich sailing heritage dating back to the late 50s. The Rolex Yacht-Master was almost 30 years in the making, and when they eventually launched the first model in beautiful 18k solid yellow gold – it came as no shock that it was an instant hit. The Yacht-Master watch blends functionality with style and is a prime example of Rolex’s meticulously-engineered mechanisms- the regatta chronograph was built specifically for yachting competitions. This Yacht-Master has a platinum dial type and is water resistant to 100 metres, it really is perfect on its form and aesthetics – the ultimate statement of luxury.

The GMT Master was initially created for the airline Pan Am and issued by Rolex to the pilots for long haul flights in the height of the aviation boom. The Rolex GMT-Master featured an additional 24-hour hand that was link and sync with the 12-hour hand. This allowed the pilot to set the watch to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) whilst also being able to set a second time zone when required. This particular model features a lacquer-dial and white gold Chromolight appliqués, but its most impressive asset has to be its bezel, in the first full-production of blue and black. Made of a single block of Cerachrom, using a patent process, this made it the first watch to feature ceramic components in multiple colours. A classic Rolex example of genius watch designing!

Watchfinder & Co:

As Rolex models like the Submariner and Daytona continue to climb in value, so does the price. While many would like to join the club of owning their own Rolex, many are being priced out by the grey-market demand. What are the cheapest Rolex models available? Check out Watchdig’s list of affordable Rolex watches.