FILA: Welcome to tracksuit town

You can never have too many tracksuits, whatever they say,they are one of the biggest staples in your wardrobe. Incredibly comfortable, versatile enough to wear in a multitude of situations. Home from work, put on a tracksuit, down the gym, tracksuit, weekend casual, tracksuit. But that doesn’t mean to say that you need to chuck on any old thing.

You can always count on Fila for a great way to spice up your wardrobe, and the key this to remember here is to match the colours, pastel coloured tops with white or blue trousers or shorts, blue sweatshirt with white or blue shorts etc:.This trend is all about the elevated sportswear – which isn’t really sportswear as most of you won’t do any exercise in it anyway. Fila will keep logos to a minimum and materials to a premium, so you’re good to go.

Looking good is the main objective, they are easy to wear and they should be easy on the eye, as basically if you go for wearing co-ords, you’ll always look a little more sharper, and you can style them for virtually any occasion. The best way to wear your co-ord tracksuit, is wear it with sporty but not sportswear staples, like pristine white sneakers, and to finish off, no guy looks cool as when he’s wearing a sharp pair of sunglasses when out and about.

One of our summer picks is the Oakly long sleeve unisex t-shirt: A classic from Fila, and in a great unisex colour, this sweatshirt has the Fila logo on the front and in 100% Bci cotton jersey. Wear it with the matching  joggers, jeans white shorts or a pair of chinos.

The Griffin fleece joggers are one of Fila’s recycled pieces, featuring the classic Fila logo, drawstring waistband and made in 96% recycled cotton and recycled poly loop. Watch the girlfriend, they are unisex.

Loungewear never looked so good, or so versatile.

The humble tracktop has definitely come a long way from its smooth velour days back in the late 70s days, it’s become another strong contender for summer. Now loved by celebrities, normcore minimalistics, the tracktop has become the one thing you’ll need for the perfect mixture of comfort, style and high-end luxury. 

When the weather is cooler but can warm up, it’s a great time to wear a light iconic Fila Courto Mk2 tracktop Poly. With clean lines and  simple F-Bok Fila logo branding, full zip that can be easily unzipped and dispensed off when it’s hot. With cuffed hemline, and always needed, two side pockets, it gives you options for putting your own spin with a classic sporty street style vibe. Wear a crisp white t-shirt underneath and leave the jacket unzipped, finish with minimalist white sneakers.

Fila will give you the wardrobe range, and we’ll guarantee that it’ll look great on you too!

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