FEEL GOOD COLLECTION: Get framed this summer

As long as there has been a sun in the sky, there will always be a need for sunglasses However, like most other menswear staples born out of necessity, there is and always will be more to these frames that meets the eye. We mean, what is summer without a pair of sunglasses? 

The main rule of street style is what you wear and that a good pair of shades is the difference between a guy that is well dressed and a guy who is well-dressed and   about to be noticed for his sunglasses. But don’t forget that sunglasses are way more than just cool. They give you protection, they will prevent future eye conditions, shield your eyelids from harmful UV rays and certainly help with eye strain.

Sunglasses  add the extra element of cool guy nonchalance to any outfit and who knows who knows what you could be looking at well except if it’s camouflaged, and on that note, none do that better than tinted lenses.

Even better if they are polarised for clearer vision. Polarised lenses are of a higher quality and anti-glare, so if you spend a lot of time outdoors, the glare of the sun can be unbearable, even with sunglasses, so unless they are polarised be prepared to do a lot of squinting. Polarised lenses do a great job of shielding you from that glare, especially if driving and give you the clearest vision possible.

Because sunglasses are so hot right now, you can find a pair in any shape and material that you like, the main point is to get a pair that suits your face.

We have chosen a pair of FEEL GOOD COLLECTION FGC Dani C01 smoked polarised sunglasses. Unisex these aviator sunglasses are pretty versatile and count your stars, the oval face shape is the easiest to fit with a pair of shades. Honestly, you can try pretty much anything you want, although they would suit most face shapes, a more rounded lens will lay against the straighter geometry of your face, might just accentuate the width of your forehead.

The trick is to swerve anything that screams 1970s, save them for smarter occasions, like a minimal navy suit worn with a t-shirt and tinted aviators is a solid uniform for smart-casual; summer weddings.

So try these Dani gunmetal  sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection, smoke frames with a dark tortoise print insert and keyhole bridge for a classic look for a throwback vibe. Go for it.


If prescription glasses is your pick, then you can pick up some great options from www.feelgoodcontacts.com. You can go for tinted prescription glasses if you want to go for the sunglass look.