Father’s Day grooming gifts from the King’s brushmakers; Kent Brushes

 As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to celebrate the men in our lives. Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to encourage them to prioritise self-care and with male grooming positively booming, Kent Brushes range of products make the perfect gift.   

With its royal warrant for nine consecutive reigns and nearly 250 years of expertise and craftmanship you can be confident you’re buying him something that embodies quality, heritage, and excellence.  

From handmade combs at £5.50 to heritage pieces at £190, Kent Brushes has got you covered this Father’s Day.

Little gestures, Gifts under £11:
Small but mighty – from handmade combs to the iconic HeadHog, a brush or comb is one of the most sentimental gifts you can give. Each time they brush or comb, you will be in their thoughts, and you can feel proud knowing you’ve played a little part in their everyday ritual. 

  1. Perfect For Smoothing Narrow Oval Bristle Nylon Mix Brush £10.00 PF05 The Perfect For PF05 narrow oval hairbrush is ideal for revitalising, grooming and styling short to medium flat hair. Made from high-quality beechwood with an added rubber grip on the handle for extra comfort, It’s filled with bristle nylon mix to promote natural shine while distributing natural oils and preventing split ends.
  2. Small Beard Brush £9.50 BRD6 – Kent’s small but mighty beard brush is made from beechwood and filled with a hand-mixed blend of both horsehair and nylon.
  3. Tortoiseshell Effect HeadHog Hairbrush £9.00 HEADHOG – An all-round hero versatile for all the family, whether in the home, handbag or sports bag. The air-cushioned head protects the scalp from damage, whilst the non-scratch ball-tipped nylon quills gently glide through knots.  This fantastic brush is tough and dependable and can tackle any hair length or texture, wet or dry.
  4. Kent Shaving Cream Tube 75ml £8.00 SCT1 – Kent’s famous menthol skin conditioning shaving cream leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable during and after shaving.
  5. Infinity Synthetic Shaving Brush £10.50 INF1 – Kent’s Infinity shaving brush has super soft Silvertex, a specially developed fully synthetic material to offer the ultimate lathering experience, crucial for the perfect wet shave.  The nylon bristles have been crimped to emulate real badger bristles. The soft bristles are great for sensitive skin and allows the perfect amount of water to be retained in the brush head, thus allowing a good lather to build up. Great gift for men of all years and comes with a beautiful presentation box. 


The Ultimate Father’s Day Gifts:

Let Kent Brushes wrap up Father’s Day for you this year. Our carefully curated gift boxes take out the hard work and offer you the perfect selection of hair, grooming or shaving brushes. Just imagine the joy as he peers into one of these boxes this Father’s Day. 

  1. The Shaving Edit Gift Set £61.00 GIFT SET 2 SHAVING – Give the gift of a smooth shave this Father’s Day with Kent’s new shaving edit gift set. Four favourite shaving accessories have been wrapped up in a gift box, making gifting easy. Including: BK4S – Medium Synthetic Ivory White Shaving Brush, VSB5 – Small Ivory White Shaving Brush Stand, SCT2 – Kent Shaving Cream Tub 125ml, SCT1 – Kent Shaving Cream Tube 75ml.
  2. The Grooming Edit Gift Set £38.00 GIFT SET3 GROOMING – Give the gift of top-to-toe grooming with Kent’s new Grooming Edit Gift Set.  Four favourite grooming accessories have been wrapped up in a gift box, making gifting easy. Including: NU 19 CASE – Handmade 112mm OT Pocket Comb With Nail File In Leather Case, PF22 – Perfect For Grooming Bristle Nylon Mix Military Style Brush, PMB – Pebble Detangling Brush In Matt Black, ART 8S NAVY – Nail Brush In Blue Stained Wood.
  3. Handmade Satinwood Pure White Bristle Military Style Brush £190.00 MHS18 – The handmade MHS18 military-style brush is suitable for daily grooming medium thickness hair. Filled with the finest pure white natural bristle to promote natural shine whilst distributing natural oils. The natural bristle is meticulously wire laid into the brush by hand using an age-old method known as hand drawing. The MHS18 is made from beechwood with a satinwood back.  Presented in a luxury gift box, containing the LPC3 hairbrush cleaner and care advice.
  4. Handmade Ebony Pure White Bristle Hairbrush £190.00 OHE1 – This handmade OHE1 hairbrush, made from ebony, is suitable for daily grooming thick hair.  Filled with the finest pure white natural bristle to promote natural shine whilst distributing natural oils. The natural bristle is traditionally hand-drawn into the brush using an age-old method known as long-holing.  Presented in a luxury gift box containing the LPC3 hairbrush cleaner and care advice.


Beards and Barnets:
It’s time to tame those tresses and rein in those unruly beards. Kent Brushes collection of crafted hair and beard brushes will keep dad’s looking sharp all year round.  

  1. Large Monster Beard Brush £29.50 BRD5 – The mighty Monster brush is large enough to accommodate the unruliest of beards. A special hand-mixed blend of horsehair and uniquely selected nylon is combined to condition all beard types. A must for male grooming, each brush comes with a hand-stitched cotton bag and will ensure your beard is kept in tip-top condition. and a must for male grooming. Each brush comes with a hand-stitched cotton bag.
  2. Men’s Finest Cherrywood Pure Bristle Travel Brush £27.00 MC4 – Made from Cherrywood and filled with the finest pure natural bristle, this brush has been crafted to enhance the condition of each strand, from root to tip, stimulating your scalp for faster growth and distributing your hair’s oils for natural nourishment and shine. Ideal for all hair and beard types.
  3. Perfect For Grooming Static-Resistant Nylon Bristle Military Style Brush £15.00 PF22AS – The Perfect For military-style brush is ideal for grooming short hair.  Made from high-quality beechwood and filled with static-resistant nylon that helps to prevent flyaway hairs.  


Dandy Dads:
A dandy – ‘a man who is very interested in his appearance.’ – If you have one of these men in your life, Kent Brushes have the tools to keep him looking tip-top. From the shiniest of shoes to the pearliest of pearly whites, let Kent provide the polish, sheen and shine to your debonair Dad.  

  1. SONIK Electric Toothbrush in Graphite £59.00 KO-01 – Available in graphite or pink, Kent’s sleek, ultra-slim and lightweight SONIK Electric Toothbrush provides a satisfying deep clean with its sonic pulse technology effectively cleaning the surface and between the teeth. With 36,000 Sonic pulses a minute, it pushes toothpaste and air into those hard-to-reach areas, successfully removing plaque, reducing staining and freshening breath. It comes with high quality, individually rounded brushes for optimum performance, has three cleaning modes for effective and comfortable use and a smart two minute timer. The Kent SONIK Electric Toothbrush has a 45 day battery life and super-fast charging in two hours.
  2. Finest Pure Black and White Bristle Duo Applicator Shoe Brush £17.50 SHOE APP – Kent’s finest duo applicator shoe brush is perfect for removing dried dirt or dust from shoes.  The 10.5x4cm duo shoe brush is filled with pure black and white bristle and is made from beechwood. Having both white and black bristle options means you can polish both dark and nude or tan shoes with confidence.  Keeping Dad’s shoes looking new and shiny.
  3. Satinwood Pure White Bristle Extra Row Nailbrush £23.00 NB1 – Kent’s Satinwood NB1 Nail Brush will easily remove accumulated dirt while gently protecting nails and cuticles without scratching. The 114mm nail brush is filled with firm natural white bristle. Featuring an additional single row of bristles on the back – designed to reach under nails and between fingers to remove accumulated germs and dirt. Simply the easiest and most effective way for dad to wash his hands thoroughly.
  4. Handmade 167mm Folding Pocket Comb with Clip £5.50 A20T – This cult handmade 167mm all fine folding comb with pocket clip is tactile, flexible and strong.  Suitable for wet or dry, fine or thinning hair, Kent combs have rounded teeth, which ensure a smooth and comfortable action that glides effortlessly through the hair without scratching or damaging the hair or scalp.