Fashion Writer: Jeremy Langmead

It may be obvious but I don’t think we say it enough – here at MFM, we love writing about fashion. And, like all writers, we also love reading other fashion writers, especially one as established and dynamic as Jeremy Langmead. Langmead, a mysterious figure, professes an image of a suit wearing, book loving fashion enthusiast with a keen eye for the minor details.

Jeremy Langmead, former Wallpaper and Esquire Editor, is currently the founding editor of What Mr Porter – one of our many favourite online stores – offers is style guides and their weekly updated Journal, to which Langmead is responsible. When asked about the Journal, Langmead said “Men want information, and once they have the information they have the confidence.” This transcends into Mr Porter’s products and way of encouraging their customers to remain stylish but with their own trend.


Due to his writing for Wallpaper and Esquire, Langmead has caught the eye of publications such as GQ and The Independent for interviews on both his lifestyle and fashion sense. It’s evident his enthusiasm for fashion is what has driven him to be where he is today. For example, his favourite shop in the world is the Alexander McQueen store and he is said to have gotten his best wear out of a pair of J Crew jeans.


Langmead resides in his quirky, tranquil world of suits, ties and all the things in-between because it inhabits his personality. He loves to read and write and that love has been connected with his work in the fashion world. When asked where he would spend his last £10 he said “in a bookshop”. Langmead is therefore by definition a fashion lover, book obsessive and downright interesting fellow. If you don’t believe us head over to Mr Porter and take a look.

Follow Jeremy on Twitter: @jeremylangmead