Fashion Rules To Break In 2014

Fashion myths or fashion faux pas? Sometimes it can be a hard one to call. It all starts with a new trend but you’re not entirely sold that you can pull it off with ease. That’s if style-wise (your thinking) it’s a little out of your usual comfort zone.

Fashion in the 21st Century is constantly evolving with each coming season; designers are becoming more daring in experimenting with creativity. So many fashion boundaries have been pushed and shoved of late, creating an endless list of style options. MFM take the time to look at a few trends, products and ensembles that perhaps would be frowned upon. These style rules must be broken and we inform you why…

rules 001

Rule 1: A Bag Is For Females

It’s a common misconception that most men aren’t that comfortable with bags. Unless you’re travelling and loaded up with daily essentials – you’d rather not bother with the agro of shopping for one. Women have dozens, some have hundreds and you just don’t get the need why you should too, you’re a man after all!

It’s pretty simple to see that we’ve spoken a lot about man bags in the past, covering the Key Styles For AW13,  along with discussing why it should be seen as a wardrobe essential.

rules 002

Things should be kept simple, pockets are made for keys and wallet’s right? Well in recent times you may be pleased to hear that the “Man” bag has transformed into somewhat of a utilitarian staple; practical, reassuringly stylish and masculine. Depending on your taste, this new form has taken the clutch, pouch and laptop inspired case to a whole new level- it is now considered the statement piece of the moment.

Neat, compact and classic, the messenger inspired pouch is this season’s must have purchase. Whether you’re out and about, at work or popping out in the eve; the pouch is the prefect accessory to hold all of your essentials. With so many brands stepping it up in the style stakes to meet the requirements of the modern man, there is a colour, print and size for every guy. Smart, traditional or street, take a look at our best picks for carrying your everyday essentials…

Satchels & Pouches

Why you should own one? Suitably for every modern man, with a quintessential edge. Simplistic in style and effective in holding the minimal belongings many Gents insist on carrying around with them.

medium satchel briefcaseembossed pouchcreased pouch

messenger bagcroc leathertartan satchel

Rule 2: Don’t Wear Trainers With A Suit

“Got dressed in the dark?”- We here you cry! No actually, this really is a trend that will take you by surprise. With the resurge in trends surrounding trainers, sneakers and high-tops, statement footwear has cleverly been paired with contemporary suiting giving a refreshing new look to tired formal wear.

rules 003

Working in business can be tiring, and depending on the pace of your current occupation trainers can be thrown on for that extra added comfort when you literally feel run off your feet. To pull this off with finesse, you need a good timeless suit and a healthy looking pair of footwear.

Buying New Kicks

Colour clash, retro, bold and brash are the way to go. Note: blues and greys work particularly well, and look out for eclectic detailing. Check out our selection that would look ace with a suit…

mens orange sneakerstrinomic sneakersconverse racer

running dualoriginal phanthomleather utility

Rule 3: Clashing Colours And Prints

With colour-clash and prints big for AW13 leading into next Spring, it is the ideal time to mix up your capsule wardrobe and invest in some new statement pieces. The beauty of mish-mash patterns is that you can’t really go wrong- be it tartan trousers with a floral print sweat or shirt. Honest.

rules 004

Why Go There?

Conveniently this trend has your best interests in mind; a new addition of just one patterned piece can significantly transform your look. You won’t end up looking like walking wallpaper if you match prints ever so subtly. Dark colours work well matched alongside neon brights- and who said winter can’t be colourful!

Designers are imaginative and innovative with prints ranging from animals, the abstract, botanical and geometric patterns ready to shop. Take your pick…

doberman teeprinted cotton teepaul smith sweat

native american prinprinted sweaterblack college shirt


Here at MFM, we love embracing new fashion trends and taking a refreshing approach to daily styling. Some of these looks may have had you running for the hills, but you may find some inspiration in there to effectively break some style rules or faux pas. So as we always say, be brave, be bold and try something new.