Fashion Essentials: Bow Ties

Bow-ties were once known for their ageless beauty and class to accompany the finest of suits. Nowadays, it is becoming a fashion statement for young men of fashion with brighter colours and more choice than ever before. It is an accessory which will allow you to loosen up and have fun with colours and designs that you wouldn’t normally wear. With all fashion brands joining onto the bandwagon and releasing their own unique bow-ties, it is a fashion essential for the modern man to have a selection of them in his wardrobe. Like with all accessories, sometimes our looks are lacking something. Accessories can be used to add individuality to a look, and bow ties certainly do that. We covered Bow Ties a few weeks back when we covered SS12 neckwear, so for more choices check out that article.

For a conventional (but still chic and unique) option, this white dotted, skull embroided black bow-tie is a great buy. A tie like this can be worn to work or to business meetings for the working men who want to add flair to their monotonous working days. The white dots will add a subtle charm to your suit without looking too quirky for those important meetings, and the skull effect will create a subtle statement.

If you’re looking to create more of a statement, this Brown Vintage Floral Bow Tie from Topman is a great option. The graceful print is perfect for the summer, adding a flamboyant touch to your wardrobe. The kooky bow-tie may seem too much for everyday, but will add a dash of colour to your work suits, whilst the dark vintage colouring will ensure that it draws just the right amount of attention without going overboard. Worn with a light colored shirt and shorts however, this versatile bow-tie will change the look completely; adding complete flash and colour as the sun shines.

There are plenty more alternatives as plenty of branded names are releasing a range of bow-ties every season which are a must-have for the men of fashion. The floral bow-tie from Zara is a beautiful accessory for this summer. The light blue design will subtly compliment your summer attire whilst remaining a statement in itself. The black bow-tie from the same collection is a classic alternative. More suitable for formal evenings, this polyester bow-tie is classy and elegant, and it’s simplicity is sometimes what a modern man needs for an evening out.

For a more high-end choice, D&G have sophisticated bow-ties. The black and grey checked design from the collection is a charming addition to any mans wardrobe. The plain colour scheme will allow you to play around with variety of different colours and accessories rather than basing your entire outfit on the bow-tie. It’s smart and slick, just like the simple white choice from the same collection. The satin bow-tie will work perfectly with a black shirt, keeping you looking polished and smooth, but still incredibly stylish.

So what’s your thoughts on the Bow Tie? It’s a staple accessory every guy should own. It can really add that formal touch to a look, and a unique design can add a touch of individuality.