Fashion Basics: Mens Summer Footwear

Summers creeping up on us and it’s time to start thinking about what footwear we should be wearing. It’s time to ditch clunky footwear and opt for something lighter and something more elegant. Today at MFM we’re going to be highlighting some key shoes to go with your elegant looks, and we’re also going to highlight some key casual footwear for this spring/summer season.

The Importance Of Footwear

In today’s day and age it’s hugely important that us gents pay attention to the finer details. Detailing such as the accessories we utilise into our looks, the prints we opt for, the material of the clothing and the shoes we wear on our feet all add and compliment our style. The amount of guys that pay a lot of time developing their looks and their style, only to ruin it by missing the small details. We could carefully craft a look together which is totally suited for a formal outing, but opting for the wrong choice of footwear can completely ruin this whole look. How much attention do women pay to their footwear? If we spent a fraction of the time they spent on debating what shoes to wear we would improve our style drastically.

Elegant Footwear

A huge trend this year is the Preppy trend or the smart/casual look, it’s quite easy to achieve and looks extremely stylish. The preppy look is always topped off nicely with a nice pair of loafers or brogues, adding a real touch of style. The good thing about loafers and brogues too are that they’re timeless, you’ll be able to wear them the following autumn/winter season and you’ll also be able to wear them next spring/summer season. Alongside being timeless, they’re also versatile, allowing you to implement them into a range of formal and casual looks.

Here’s some product picks for this coming season:

Casual Footwear

On the other hand, if you’re more into casual looks then opt for espadrilles and classic plimsolls. These two are versatile and can be worn with a variety of looks, opt for neutral colours and don’t go for anything which will stand out too much. Red trainers aren’t stylish, classic white plimsolls are the better choice. Flip flops are primarily for the beach, and shouldn’t be utilised in any stylish look at all. Boat shoes basically sit in the middle of elegant and casual. They’re the perfect choice for casual looks and they also tie in nicely with elegant looks.

Here’s some casual footwear to choose from:

So there we have it, some key footwear pieces we can utilise into our summer looks. Whether you’re mor of a casual guy or an elegant dresser, hopefully our key picks can be utilised into your looks this season.