Wearing a cardigan, we realise is not every guys idea of looking looking cool, but  it has officially become part of the preppy style, not that we’re saying you have to become with the lightweight cardigan sweater totally in the forefront of a cool bit of layering, we mean have you seen the celebrities wearing the, it’s the epitome of cool. There’s an irresistible freshness to this classic piece, especially when you flaunt it as an alternative fashionable top rather than just a warmth provider. Here’s the lowdown on acing this look.

Think about embracing the button down vibe, try draping that cardigan over a paper-thin tee, roll up those sleeves, and team it with your slickest work trousers, worn over a smart button down shirt, or a dash of edge, let it hang loose and skip the shirt and tie, revealing the ultimate coolness. Play with some colour, whether you’re curating a monochrome masterpiece or opting for a vibrant hue to jazz up your neutrals, colour choices are your style playground. Say no to settling for the same ol’ grey day in and day out, mix and match colours, patterns, give navy and black a break; go for vibrant textures or go  big. even incorporate some vintage pieces and top it off with a beanie if you’re embracing the quirky—remember, it all starts with the cardigan.

Weathering the chill in style when chilly days strike and you’re layering like a pro, you know, think three shirts and possibly thermal underwear, so falling in love with cardigans could be your secret weapon with an abundance of cardigan styles and endless ways to flaunt them. If you look around, you won’t get connotations of old men wearing them but celebrities, influencers,trendsetters as such etc: and even be your best mate who has some nonce about being trendy without it being or looking old fashioned, You’ll definitely find something way cooler than your ’90s memories.

A cardigan does look good with a suit, and for a classic move with a twist for all you preppy hearts, this one’s for you. Slip a thin cashmere or merino cardigan under your suit for an extra dose of warmth and a hint of sophistication and while experimenting with colours is welcome, sticking to a single hue from your sweater to your suit amps up the polish and modern charm. Try lightweight cashmere or merino wool, as not just any cardigan can handle the suave suit vibe, and opt for a longer silhouette and a sleek placket to keep things effortlessly stylish. While shape is crucial, don’t overthink the rest—after all, we’re in the era of athleisure everything, so mix up those hues and patterns, and let the fun reign.

So, there you have it—cardigans aren’t just for your grandparents, they’re the key to unlocking a whole new realm of style, and with these tips in your back pocket, you’re ready to conquer the fashion game with youthful panache!  But just remember, keep the lower button unfastened as similar to a dapper suit, a cardigan exudes an extra edge when you let that bottom button hang loose. Feeling daring? Go ahead and unbutton a couple more, but steer clear of fastening only the middle button—trust us, that’s a swift route to adding unnecessary visual weight to your silhouette.