Factotum RTW Fall 2014

Fairy tales. They’re the landmarks of childhood. Tales of forests and wolves, witches and ovens were entertaining as children, disturbing as adults but appreciated overall. One of the huge names within the fairy tale world is Danish writer Hans Christian Anderson and it is here that Factotum designer, Koji Udo, got his inspiration for the fall collection.

image 1

This collection is full of baggy polka dot shirts, patchwork grey coats, block looking brown cardigans and shades of blue, merged with silk. The use of the fairy tale as a source of inspiration is evident within the runway features. If we look to the brown cardigan, for example, it has a very ancient shape, it relates to the kind of block features that were used in the Tudor era.

This use sets a tone with this collection that moves it away from anything we’re seeing in the fashion world. The blue jacket with stars is an evident choice when the dark polka dot shirt is, perhaps, more subtle. These designs, however, are very easy to incorporate into our own wardrobes.

The debate that circles the runway is: would we wear these clothes out and about? The generic feeling is that clothes produced to us on the runway are far more extravagant – or, perhaps more artistic and experimental – to suit us in our everyday lives. Factotum’s latest collection, however, merges these two thoughts. Here we have artistic and experimental clothes with a unique edge. Here, we are handed the keys to the castle and allowed to explore and incorporate.

image 2

This collection brings with it a pyjama and sleepwear theme in terms of the clothes. With the use of patterns, knits and corduroy textures it envelopes into the idea that these fairy tale inspirations can – and will – be used in our lives.

We don’t have to run into the woods to find the witches and wolves, they’ll come to us. We don’t have to think about our heroines and heroes, we shall be them. Factotum’s interesting concept is an invitation to a whole new world indeed.