Experia Socks: The perfect partner for your feet.

What kind of socks do you like to wear when you’re working out? Feel your feet and run with our great range of Experia socks, as the obvious benefits of great sports socks are more functional because Thorlos believe that their socks enhance athletic performance and help your feet from minor sores. You can guarantee to start feeling great from the ground up, and just one pair of Experia socks will give you great foot protection

In any form of sports, whether running, gym or athletics, besides the aesthetic benefits of sports socks, there are health benefits that can come from wearing good quality sports socks. Proper athletic socks certainly matter to foot health. Thorlos Experia socks have anatomically engineered pads in key areas for foot protection, and are designed to fit perfectly to your feet-from the toes to the heel. These in return help to absorb impact while preventing blisters and irritation, and to be honest that’s a pretty important part that is well addressed for anyone doing any kind of sport. Nothing hurts more than a blister!

Socks: sports socks are probably the lowest of priorities compared to shoes, but now is the time to rethink about your feet when you’re pounding them during exercise.

Experia socks, made with nylon covered lycra, provide your feet with a contoured aerodynamic glove-like fit, with Mesh Polyester that will give you maximum breathability for an ultra-lightweight sock.

It is essential to wear socks that feel comfortable and fit well, because after all you need to be able to focus on whatever sport you’re doing and nothing else. The importance of using proper sports socks is more paramount for athletes or frequent sports players, so their requirements for specific sports socks goes beyond foot protection.

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