EVISU JEANS: There’s a whole new way to enjoy your jeans!

Are you ready for new jeans? There is nothing more indispensable than a new pair of jeans and the chances are that you wear your jeans more than any other piece of clothing in your wardrobe, so what better time to switch up and look at an alternative style from Evisu – one of America’s favourite brands, will give you that crisp, sharp look with their denim, giving you a  perfect silhouette, unmissable branding and craftsmanship. What more could you or would you want from a pair of jeans?

After all, a pair of perfectly cut jeans can make even the most style-shy man look cool. At the start of thinking about buying a new pair of denim-buying, let’s remind you of the basics and how you should be wearing a pair of jeans right this season.

If you’re looking to wear a pair of jeans less skinny and more comfortable, then there is nothing better than opting for the men’s carrot-shaped jeans that are setting the trend right now. This style can give you a better look and add shape to any shapeless figure. Done badly, and the last thing you want to look like is a throwback to an old fashioned dance troupe.

But slightly baggy is back, and this time it’s not just skaters or teenagers that seem to be the only ones wearing this style. Loose fits are everywhere for t-shirts to tailoring and Evisu denim certainly hasn’t escaped the shift. Baggy or carrot isn’t a synonym for ill fitting, as it’s perfectly possible to embrace a slightly wider, looser leg without looking like you’ve raided your dads wardrobe.

Evisu have brought out new jeans from their SS22 signature denim collection.


How should you wear them? These #2017 carrot fit jeans come in 13.5oz raw denim, that is defined by an unseamed edge, a turn-up hemline and in a slightly stiff fabric. Typically the rigidity of the fabric means that the jeans won’t sit too close to your body but will stretch over time and the carrot shaped legs will suit you very well, as there are a whole new slew of ways to enjoy your denim. In 100% cotton, and a Godhead leather patch, and the fade-off white signature seagull print on the back pocket, 5 pockets and button fly. 

These will be your timeless pair of jeans.



How should you wear them?  Evisu have brought in two other #2017carrot fit jeans, one with a blue signature seagull print on the back pocket and one with a khaki signature seagull print on the back pocket putting that military twist that plenty of you guys will like. It seems the re-emergence of carrot style jeans symptomatic of something larger taking place in menswear jeans. Again in the same raw denim fabric with all the attributes of the above these roomy jeans come in 100% cotton, 5 pockets, Godhead leather patch and button fly and raw denim.

So these roomy jeans do have their benefits in terms of comfort and can actually look great when styles with a little thought. Get the fit right, mid rise- snug on the waist, coming in roomy in the thigh and a slight taper from knee to ankle. Trust us everything will fall into place!

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