Everything You Want to Know about Plastic Surgery for Men in 2022

Plastic surgery is nothing new and, if anything, it has become more mainstream and accepted in the past decade. Where people may have shied away from talking about the topic before, now they are more up-front. But for all the gains that have been made in terms of acceptance, plastic surgery in men isn’t as talked about. If you’re a male that is interested in the top plastic surgery procedures for 2022 and what’s available to you, as well as what the procedures can address and what to expect, you’ll want to read on.

Male Breast Reduction

Did you know that gynecomastia is something that can affect up to 60% of men and is an overgrowth of the breast and nipple area in men? It can start to appear as though breasts are forming, which can make males self-conscious about wearing tight-fitting clothing or taking off their tops. This is why chest reduction for men is becoming more commonplace. The goal is to create a more masculine looking contour by flattening the chest.

Male breast reduction will help with excess skin, fat reduction, breast reduction and enlarged breasts. What’s great is that the results will be immediate and permanent as long as the patient keeps a healthy weight. The procedure takes 2-4 hours and recovery is up to seven days. Swelling may take up to six months to completely disappear, but keep in mind after the initial week it will be greatly reduced.

Jaw and Chin Implants

If you are always looking at the bone structure of male celebrities and models and find yourself envious of them, here’s a secret – you may be able to achieve the same look. That chiseled look has a lot to do with genetics, but jaw and chin implants can also be used. The implants are meant to make your features more defined. 

When going for a consultation regarding implants, doctors can often create a 3D model of what you’ll look like with the implants. This gives you an idea of what to expect, and also a chance to make little tweaks. There will be downtime of about a week following the surgery, then you can expect swelling for another few weeks. Within six months the swelling will go down and you’ll get to see the results.


Liposuction is a big category in that it can target many different areas. The goal of liposuction is to remove excess fat, so when you think about all the areas on your body that could be a concern, it’s easy to see why this is so popular. Often the most common place for males to get liposuction is their tummy as it will give a more contoured and toned appearance. Besides the abdomen, the “love handles” are another popular target.

The procedure takes about one hour per zone, and then it’s about 5-10 days of recovery. After that, you’ll need to still follow some instructions such as wearing a post-liposuction garment. Swelling can linger for a few months but will slowly go down. Because excess fat has been removed, you can also expect weight loss on the scale. These results will be permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight in check.

Men Have Options Too

As you can see, plastic surgery isn’t just popular with women but also with men. Because it is becoming more mainstream, men are also being made aware of the different procedures, what they target, and the kind of results that can be expected. The best tip is to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon and get their advice on what procedures may be right for you.