Evening Skincare Grooming Routine For Men

As we always point out paying attention to your grooming routine is extremely important. But it’s often something that can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve never touched a moisturiser before.

One of the most important elements to grooming is skincare alongside your evening routine, so we decided to combine them into a feature giving you advice on where to start and what products to use.

Why Is Skincare Important?

Think about it, applying time and effort to improve your style can easily be let down by you avoiding a grooming routine. Skincare is one of the most important areas, but it’s also one of the hardest to master.

Removing blemishes, dark circles and tired looking eyes, rough skin and most importantly improving how you age are key benefits to introducing a skincare routine. But where do you start?

The evening is the best place to start for a man because we often have more time on our hands. It’s important to implement this new routine we’re about to share into your existing one. To keep it simple, just apply the following routine after you clean your teeth in the evening.

Grooming and seeing improvements is all about consistency, so it’s important to develop a habit around it. Cleaning your teeth should be a daily habit you’ve already established so cleaning your teeth becomes a trigger, simply reminding you to do the following…

1. Cleanse: Multi-Action Face Wash

To simplify this is just cleansing/washing your face. It’s scary how many guys avoid this, sticking to old school techniques of a bar of soap or simply just sticking with water. Your face is an area which gets a lot of outside attention so paying close attention to how it looks is important.

Cleansing the skin will help dissolve excess oil, and if you go for a good face wash with gentle exfoliating beads you can unclog pores and avoid ingrowing hairs. The skin has an opportunity to be replenished while you sleep with blood supply to the face increasing and a number of other essential metabolic processes taking place too. So the evening is an ideal time to cleanse.

Invest in a good face wash and scrub well. Simply rinse your face with warm water, scrub with the face wash and rinse off. When drying drop your masculinity for a moment and be gentle, your skin is pretty delicate so dry lightly.

Cleansing before a clean shave will also help, as it will lift and soften beard hairs prepping for a closer, smoother shave.

face wash

2. Renew: Future Rescue Repair Serum

The second step is hugely important. You’re going to want to invest in a good product to help repair and renew your skin. When you’re out and about the weather has a huge impact on your skin. Not only will the weather play a part but so will late nights, early starts and even working in front of a computer for long periods of time.

We recommend a Serum, which often is described as an invisible shield over the skin to defend, renew and rescue skin from further damage and ageing. A Serum will act as the skins first line of defence to combat the look of ageing. It promotes natural cellular repair and supports skin’s collagen production for younger looking skin.

Just simply apply 2-3 pumps into your finger tips and apply to your clean, dry skin.

Repairing and renewing your skin is hugely important so make sure you don’t fail to complete this step…

future resue

3. Moisturise:  Age Rescue Water-Charged Cream

    Delivers cooling hydration and moisturisation that lasts for up to 24 hours.
·         Amplifies skins potential to work hard and recover fast for an energized look.
·         Helps rescue skin from the visible effects of ageing, stress, fatigue.
·         Helps tame and condition beard hair and quenches skin’s thirst

The third (and final step) is to simply apply a moisturiser. Again wait until your skin is dry and then apply.

A moisturiser carries a whole host of benefits… from smoother looking skin to improving the way you age skipping this step in the evening really is a sin. When your skin lacks moisture it looks dull, tired and old. Something none of us want right?

After cleansing and drying simply apply a small amount to the palm of your hand. Rub gently into your face and cover all areas.

Using too much moisturiser is something a lot of guys do, and sometimes this can have an adverse effect. Simply apply a little and apply the right product and you’ll see vast improvements to your skin.

It’s important to keep your skin hydrated through the night so choosing the right product is key. With thousand of moisturisers to choose from try one (get samples) and see the effects is has on your skin after 7-14 days. Once you find the product it’s all about consistency to get the results you desire.

A cooling hydrating moisturiser is something we recommend, something that will help rescue skin from visible effects of ageing and stress, alongside helping tame and condition beard hair. This is what we’d recommend.

water chaged

Other Things To Consider

So there we have it. A simple 3 step routine before bed. How long does it take? No longer than an extra 5 minutes added to your existing night time routine. Other options include applying an eye cream, beard oil and simply getting a good nights kip.

Try it and let us know the results.