Eve Lom: Building the perfect skin regime for flawless skin

We all know that cleaning is the first step of any good skincare routine, and using the right cleanser matters more than you think. In fact it should be the first step in your beauty regime. But, we’re are all guilty of slipping under the duvet after a late night out, omitting our cleanse until the morning.  Don’t do this regularly, it’s a total no-no!

Who doesn’t want that bright beautiful clear skin, and that’s why it’s important this skincare routine should never be missed, morning or night!

The Eve Lom Cleanser Gel Baume Démaquillant, is a soothing hybrid gel-to-balm formula that gently cleanses and removes waterproof make-up. Perfect and easy to use after a long day or night out without stripping your face and leaving it dry. With blends of  four signature botanical oils, Eucalyptus, clove, Eygyption chamomile and hops, this beauty will hydrate your skin up to 12 hours after you have used it, leaving your skin clean, conditioned and refreshed.

Gentle face cleansers are the way to go.


We all want that perfect moisturiser that will give you the ultimate hydration. The Eve Lom Moisture Hydratante Lotion, really is luxurious. Antioxidant rich, and what we all want to hear, free from oil, so the moisturiser really does hyper focus to lock in hydration. Feather-light and really does absorb quickly into your skin, allowing an impressive long-lasting hydration for up to 12 hours. It’s perfect for days when you want to be make-up free or wear minimalist make-up, but equally perfect under heavier makeup at night giving you a shine-free finish. And no girl wants a shiny face at night!

Blended with Alpine Willowherb that helps to control helps minimize the appearance of pore size, and does give you a visibly clearer air-brushed complexion making you look more vibrant and youthful. 

Kakadu Plum extracts provide antioxidant benefits which help to lessen the impact of oxidative stress and environmental aggressors.

Get that anti-aging touch to maintain your skin’s energy over time.


At home peel pads are actually the quickest, easiest and really most importantly, a painless way to get smoother brighter- looking skin without going to the dermatologist or making a facial appointment. The Eve Lom Rescue Peel Pads will really resurface your skin. They are exfoliating and resurfacing treatment that’s non-stripping that will buff away all that dead skin from your face.

Eve Lom’s signature multi-fruit acid complex uses five different botanical extracts as well as using a combination of AHA, which is Glycolic Acid, that helps gently exfoliate the skin’s surface, making it fresher and healthier. PHA, which is Lactic Acid that helps preserve your skin’s moisture, leaving your skin revived and calm and BHA which is a Salicylic Acid that will remove all the surface build up debris and dead skin cells, and you can be sure of a non-abrasive way to exfoliate your skin hydrated and conditioned, revealing your complexion as smoother, brighter and revilaised. And great news is that the pads are created using 100% biodegradable materials, woven in a way that allows deeper penetration for a thorough cleanse. Paraben Phthalate, Sulphate and cruelty free. 

And who doesn’t want brighter, healthier looking natural skin this summer?

Face Cleansing Cloths

Muslim cloths should be an essential part of everyday skincare routine. They help to remove daily diet, SPF, makeup and skincare products in a gentle and calming way. The Eve Lom 3 Muslim Cleansing Cloths are woven in 100% pure cotton and effectively remove cleanser or mask residue whilst gently exfoliating the skin.

We always feel that cleansing clothes are somehow forgotten as part of your daily regime, but they are an essential beauty tool for all skin types. 

And these pure white cleansing clothes are kind on your skin.They work to help improve blood circulation, gently buff away those old dead skin cells, decongests pore, drain toxins, and all the time allows skin cells to rapidly regenerate.

Using these cloths is the foundation of cleansing to provide your skin prepped and ready as a most receptive base for you to go on and use your moisturising creams, serums oils and lotions. Suitable for all skin types, they come housed in a resealable pouch.

A clean face is a happy face.