Essentials To Deal With The Spring Transition

Now that spring has decided to grace us with its presence, it’s time to start making that transition into your spring/summer wardrobe. It’s all about making a few key but subtle changes to your style to lift your outfits and really give them that spring vibe. It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut during the winter months and fall into an abyss of dark colours; I know it’s certainly something I’m guilty of and more often than not it can be fairly challenging to pull yourself out of it. But fear not, I’ve put together a definitive guide of essential must-have items that will have you spring/summer ready in no time.

The Umbrella

It may seem like an odd item to start with, but you know as well as I do that boy can it rain in this country! So, don’t forget about the small details and step out in style this spring, after-all, everyone knows that the best dressed gentlemen never forget about any detail in their outfit, no matter how big or small. Channel Eddie Redmayne in the Burberry ads and think sharp and suave. It’s also a great way to add a bit of subtle print to your outfit and when the weather decides to behave itself, the umbrella can work as a great accessory if you opt for an oversized version.

Trench Coat

This is the quintessential British item and every gentleman should own one. I really mean it when I say that no wardrobe will ever be complete without one. It is so practical but so stylish and it always works. It’s lightweight nature means it will protect you against the slight spring chill without being too heavy and, if you opt for a luxury trench, it will keep you dry in the spring showers too. Go for the classic beige for a truly spring look.

Alternative Waterproof Jackets

If the trench coat really isn’t your style then there are other lightweight, waterproof jackets out there. If you want something a little edgier opt for a brightly coloured jacket with a waxed finish or nylon blend and fisherman styles are proving to be a fairly persistent fashion trend. Great for a casual weekend look but probably best avoided when you’re on your way to the office.



During the warmer months there is usually more opportunity to have greater variety in your footwear. If the weather is warm then we no longer have to be confined to heavy, leather styles which means the inclusion of colours and interesting fabrics and textures. When dressing casually try out canvas or suede styles and if you really want to make a statement opt for a bright colour pop to kick start that summer feeling.



Again, this may seem like an odd one but I’m a firm believer that the small details count. Flashing a bit of sock when you sit down is pretty unavoidable so you may as well make a statement; it is a small one after all. Personally, I think a bright colour subtly worn under a sharp suit is a great look, provided your profession allows it, of course.  If not, try it under your jeans at the weekend as this is the perfect way to slowly incorporate some colour into your spring wardrobe and really give it the lift that it needs.

The Pocket Square

This little accessory can really take your look from good to great and, for me, is one of the best men’s accessories. It may be a simple touch but it’s the perfect way to add some style and substance to your look and to incorporate some colour and print into it, too. The pocket square can make a great suit look even greater and if I see a gentleman wearing one, I instantly think he has good style. For more advice on the pocket square – Check out our article on The Pocket Square

A Fine Knit

Let’s face it, even during the hottest months in England it’s rarely ever that hot so a fine knit is just what you need to cover up from the soft breeze. Think light cotton or soft merino wool in pastel shades or subtle stripes. For more information on knitwear in spring check out our guide on Spring Knitwear For Men



Colour is so important to any spring/summer wardrobe; the warmer weather and the lighter days means a softer colour palette is key. Black, grey and navy is no longer the order of the day; your attire needs to be in-keeping with the weather and something a little lighter and brighter is a must.

Try to incorporate some, if not all, of these items into your wardrobe over the coming months and you’ll have built up a collection of clothing that should stay with you for years to come. All of these pieces are classics, providing you with longevity as well as style.