Essential Style Tips for UK Casino Venue Visits

One of Brits’ most favorite pastime involves the land-based casino entertainment. It’s hard to ignore
the sounds of the roulette wheel dropping, the cards being shuffled, and the slots declaring winners.
UK casino entertainment sector offers numerous rewarding prospects, and the mere thought of the
experience so immersive, that it is easy to keep the dress code nothing but an afterthought. Land-
based gambling venues take dress codes very seriously. It is an essential part of their image, and
even though many will roll their eyes at it, the dress code helps create a distinctive setting.

What is a Casino Dress Code?
The dress code is a set of rules that defines how a certain individual must be dressed to be allowed
to enter the casino. Truth be told, most casino dress codes in this day and age are quite reasonable.
These entertainment venues may ask for a black tie only for special events, while a white tie is
something that got lost back in the early 20th century. Modern casinos are much more welcoming
and far less strict.

Smart casual is the most popular dress code that casinos in the UK enforce, closely followed by
business casual. Although they have a similar sound, there is a significant distinction:

● Smart casual is a style that favours combinations such as nice slacks or dark jeans and a
collared shirt. Instead of a suit jacket, men can opt for a jumper and other more casual
options. It can be more fashion-forward, but comfort remains the main priority.

● Business casual is more smart and formal than smart casual. There is less room for
experimenting, so think of clothes one would wear to a boardroom, without a tie.
The casino dress code gives men the shorter end of the stick. Unlike women, they have more limited
options, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have bountiful options.

Smart Casual Casino Style for Men 101
● Always ask yourself if a certain styling would be welcomed in a professional setting;
● When in doubt, know it is better to be overdressed than underdressed;
● Avoid anything with big logos and writing on it. Leave such trends to teens;
● Some casinos don’t allow sneakers. Wear comfy leather loafers instead;
● Jeans are usually fine as long as they don’t have holes in them.

Clothes to Avoid
With gaming on the rise in the UK, knowing the ins and outs of casino dress-code becomes a must to
enjoy the experience to the fullest. Some casinos also make clear certain styles are not allowed in
their venue, no matter how fashion-forward they are. Generally, avoid sports jerseys, swim shorts or

any type of clothes you would wear to the beach, and even sleeveless shirts. You can enter with a
hat or cap but will likely have to leave it in the cloakroom upon entering.

As you can see, there is nothing outrageous in casino dress codes. All the rules are common sense,
and with a little bit of thought put into your outfits, you’ll be able to enter any casino you want.