Personalising Your Wrist With Ephori London

When it comes to men’s jewellery, the first things that come to mind are watches and cufflinks. However, in recent years, this has significantly changed.

More men than ever are wearing jewellery, particularly beaded bracelets. Celebrities, men’s fashion influencers and even the average Joe are adorning their wrists with beaded bracelets.


Ephori (pronounced Eh-four-rye) London, a luxury men’s jewellery brand, is set on re-defining this fashion scene by bringing a classier upgrade to you. They are enabling you to personalise your bracelets with your name initials.

Here’s some of the stand out features of the bracelets.

New Technology

By combining traditional hand-making and the latest cutting edge 3d printing technology, Ephori London is bringing luxury beaded bracelets to you which are made just for you. 


Ephori London’s bespoke bracelets are comprised of semi-precious natural stone beads and personalised bracelet plates. These bracelet plates are designed with your name initials which creates a special connection to the bracelet.

Their vision is to create something you will be proud to wear forever – something that has meaning to you. Using name initials makes an identity statement without giving too much away.


Material Options & Customisation

You can even choose the material for your bracelet plate, for example, you can choose from metals such as steel, 925 sterling silver and gold. The price of these bracelets varies depending on the material you select for the custom initial bracelet plates.


The vision is to create bracelets that are unique to you and look classy when worn with your watch.



With over 25 natural stone combination bracelets for you to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.



On a more spiritual note, the natural stone beads used in these beaded bracelets have been associated with positive attributes such as strength, confidence, inner peace, among others. Ephori London’s founder, Ruchi Haria, tells us that her inspiration for selecting natural stone beads was the fact that we live in such a fast paced world that sometimes we forget to really live in the moment. Using natural stones, which have been associated with positive elements such as mindfulness, will hopefully remind us to focus on living in the now and self-development.


Giving Back

She tells us that as well as creating bespoke jewellery for men that is fashion tech savvy, her vision is to use Ephori London as an avenue to help impoverished children in need. Hence, 10% of all sales are kept aside for charity. In 2016, within 2 months of launching the first products, they fed a meal to 50 orphans in Uganda. They will be making another contribution this month so stay tuned! 


Where To Buy Them?

Ephori London’s new collection for men’s beaded bracelets has just launched and you can shop the designs by clicking here.

To follow their journey as they grow and for styling inspiration, follow them on their social media channels:





We have teamed up with Ephori London to giveaway one custom beaded bracelet made exclusively for you! It is comprised of black agate beads and a custom black steel initials plate.

Simply enter here and the winner will be selected in 2 weeks time.

Giveaway ends 24/02/2017