Emerging British Companies Who Are Ahead of The Curve

Brits might be many things to many people, but they are undoubtedly incredibly inventive. The invention of the television, telephone, Internet, and even chocolate bars are all credited to Brits. More recently however, Brits are doing some amazing things in the business world, with some burgeoning startups really beginning to take off and expand outside of Great Britain. Here are a few companies providing some interesting products and services.


Springing to life in 2013 in London, Deliveroo has since shot to fame as a reputable online food delivery service. By teaming up with popular restaurants that don’t normally offer an in-house delivery option, as well as harnessing the ‘on-demand’ lifestyle that many of us use with today’s apps, Deliveroo are a unique service and are certainly poised for big things in the coming years. Inhabitants of Paris, Berlin, London, and many other UK cities will, likely be familiar of the sight of blue-shirted delivery people zipping around the streets on bicycles, but Deliveroo has also recently expanded their services to Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney.


Many of us will know the image of tying a mattress to a car or trailer, then lugging it up some stairs, only to find that it’s as comfortable as a bed of nails. Luckily though, Eve has been a breath of fresh air in the mattress game for the last few years. Eradicating the need to tie or lug anything, Eve’s memory foam mattresses are sent in a conveniently-sized box, which the customer simply takes out and unravels on the bed frame. Watch the video below to see how it looks. If the unique (and free) delivery wasn’t enough, Eve also allow 100 nights to test out the mattress, with a full refund and pickup available if the customer isn’t happy. The London-based company has also recently expanded their range with memory foam pillows.


Bringing Hollywood-esque security tech into your home, the Cocoon is a tiny gadget that is all-seeing and all-hearing, but in a benevolent way. Using soundwaves that sense any unusual activity in your home, the Cocoon can protect your entire house when you’re not there, and will relay any potential disturbances to your smartphone. A +90 decibel siren can be emitted on the Cocoon via your phone, as well as the ability to view footage in the day or night and hear the audio from your own house. It’s basically like having a robotic guard dog that can record video as well. Cocoon are relatively new to the scene but, since a successful crowdfunding project back in late 2014, have expanded exponentially and grown from five employees to 30.