Elvine SS14 Collection

If you’re anything like me, then you find umbrellas do more harm than they do good. Not only do you have to dodge them, they cut off any chance of conversation and they surrender when a strong wind blows in its direction. Yes, umbrellas are useless and if you share this opinion with me then you will be thrilled with Elvine’s SS14 collection that attempts to bring down the reign of umbrellas.

image 1

The Elvine SS14 collection hosts a series of 100% wind and waterproof outerwear, as well as a rain hat. The line is, once again, a collaboration with Grundens, a rainwear specialist that plays into the collection’s aim to take down umbrellas. On another note against said pieces of equipment, the range of outerwear brings more style and colour to the rain world. No longer do we have to cower under pieces of waterproof material, here, we wear it.

The fabrics are, of course, of huge importance within the collection and have been picked with thought. From water-resistant cloth to bonded twill, we have choices that are technical by definition but also of huge stylistic importance. The jackets and coats become stiff, arched upwards almost.

image 2

Daniel Mand, the founder of the brand but now the Chief Designer has spoken about the latest collection. We strive to produce clothes that transcend seasons,” he said, “that are easy to wear and combine with the rest of your wardrobe, clothes with a good fit and clean cut, ornamented with innovative details that force others to take notice.”

This statement seems to be the very foundation of the collection which is about outwear that is not only practical but about style. Gone are the umbrellas and here are the raincoats, the rain hats and jackets that embody a seasonal spirit and a sheer amount of detail.

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Are you, like us, praying for it to rain very soon? What could be better than throwing the umbrella in the bin, putting on your raincoat and taking on the rain by storm? View the full collection here.