Dusty SS15 Collection – All About Innovation

As European fashion goes, we all know about the great designers from Britain, France and Italy, but there are a multitude of brands from other countries that produce great fashion, and Dusty is one of them.

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An avant-garde menswear brand, hailing from Finland, Dusty is designed by Marjut Uotila and prides itself on its innovative fabric treatments and patternmaking to create highly wearable pieces that challenge the traditional rules and shapes of menswear.

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With a signature minimalist style, the collection for SS15 has an austere, industrial look to it, but is made from natural fabrics and fibres like sheer cottons and merino wools which gives it a very easy wearability. Produced ecologically, these pieces are manufactured in independent ateliers and hand finished to make each one unique.

The inspiration for SS15 is adolescence, with riffs on Grammar school uniforms in the shape of avant-garde interpretations of suit trousers and waistcoats, and on the early 1990’s, with sweatshirts, cropped t-shirts and ripped denim details.

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The palette of white and black is interspersed with strong shades of blue and basic pieces are elevated through the use of intricate handmade braiding and quilted linens that are worked into exaggerated silhouettes.

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Some of the standout pieces of the collection are the tops, embroidered with chunky braided ropes as well as an intricately woven navy jumper. The navy quilted asymmetric jacket is paired with cuffed navy suit trousers and worn with trainers for a great smart-casual look.

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Certainly these clothes are not for the fashion faint hearted, but the energy and spirit of the collection is somewhat of a mix of the youthful cool of Marques’ Almeida and the industrial grunge aesthetic of Rick Owens. Together this seems to be a potent but successful mix as the collections delivers brilliantly interesting clothes with a clean conscience.

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Ok, so they may not be the kinds of clothes the average bloke might wear when going to walk the dog or going to the pub with his mates but for those who are serious about high fashion, this is a label you might want to check out.