When it comes to shopping second hand it always helps if you know where to go. If you stroll through Soho, you’ll be sure to see a store that will catch your eye, Dunno Curated. A modern clothing boutique with a twist. In the 46 sq ft space you’ll find handpicked apparel, reworked and upcycled workwear and streetwear born from an idea during lockdown, and started up by a group of young entrepreneurial friends, headed by Dylan Cross and Jamie Cameron. 

It has vintage clothing at its core, so not just used clothes, but clothes that have a piece of history on a personal level. The popularity of second hand, vintage or curated clothes is becoming the way of life with every age group, and if you want to feel like  someone is a clone of you, if you really want to express yourself, then go with Dunno Curated, a great option for you to show your own style.

With a selection of vintage and curated treasures, from handpicked vintage apparel, and used sourced exclusive designer brand clothes like Levis 503’s Stone Island Burberry and YSL amongst many others, they are mostly one-offs, so don’t waste too much time before treating yourself.

And with this shop there is an everlasting trend that encourages you regardless of the season, and that’s sustainability. You can get a true sense of style with an ethically crafted wardrobe like a great upcycled designer Valentino green and grey sweatshirt or a ‘Coogi” knit, where textiles have been fused into the crewneck sweatshirt, which is a great place to start ways to not only lower your carbon footprint but also by way of quality one-off second hand pieces.

Marleys style was simple not flamboyant, so follow his lead in cool but simple but statement  limited edition Bob Marley ‘Live the life you love’ t-shirts. Or why not look towards the Chasing Money x Dunno Curated a great ‘Pasta Club’ green logo tee. There is no better way to be stepping out with the most individual look possible, and it’s imperative to give good clothes a second life, you won’t find a greater range of clothes from vintage, recycled or sometimes on-off pieces that would be really difficult to reproduce, so Dunno Curated will help you on your journey to new finds.

So. If you’re looking for something unique, nothing speaks of true style more than an ethically crafted wardrobe and a great place to start by way of second hand clothing, is for sure at Dunno Curated.