Duchamp SS15 Menswear Collection

As part of London Collections: Men, June Duchamp presented the upcoming SS15 collection, exposing the brand’s desire to take a new approach and to be aesthetic when it comes to their menswear.

ducheam 2

This new chapter for Duchamp begins with their designer, Gianni Colarossi, appointed to Creative Director. In his first move Colarossi has merged the concept of the modern British gentleman and the summer season. That led him to focus the collection within three stories: Elegant English Gentry, Summer Eveningwear and Contemporary Riviera.

ducheam 3

The Elegant English Gentry is an imagination of the contemporary business look. With that, Colarossi has closed in on the options of eccentric summer style and fused them together. A single breast peak suit with Italian wool is used along with a correlation of blue and grey. Accessories feature in the forms of ties and pocket squares.

ducheam 4

The Summer Eveningwear section is an encapsulation of fabric innovation, these including printed silk shirts and jackets that are exclusive to the brand. There is a definite focus on the use of lightweight materials and fabrics so velvet has been used, along with pure woven and printed silk for the jackets.

ducheam 5

Finally, Contemporary Riviera – considered to be high, relaxed summer dressing – presents unstructured seersucker blazers and double breasted jackets. This is combined with a slim silhouette of linen trousers in pastel shades. This look is aimed at the more outdoors portion of summer and is, as they say, perfect for social engagements.

ducheam 6

In Duchamp’s reinvention they are tracing back their origins and the sources of their ideas. From 10,000 vintage cufflinks found in Paris and a book on Dadism the brand is presenting a whole, diverse collection which is just a stepping stone in what, we’re sure, will be coming next. We wait with baited breath and, in the meantime, mark 2015 summer on our calendars.