Dressing the Modern Gentleman with Dipii Stark

At MFM, we strive to introduce our readers the best brands and pieces on the market. Our strong readership of modern gentlemen is what pushes us to reintroduce you to the refined, contemporary gentleman accessories such as the pocket watch, traditional suit, and the iconic feature of a pocket square.

As fashion moves forward, we are starting to drift away from the classic, dapper man. We are always on the hunt for brands who are holding on to our favourite look and know you, as a reader, are always open to learning about the best.

We have recently been introduced to the brand Dipii Stark, a luxury brand that specialises in bespoke pocket squares and accessories made from the finest silks. “A passion for design and tradition drives Dipii Stark to craft unique pieces to help the discerning man or woman express their individuality.” Inspired by their rich heritage and nostalgic memories, Dipii Stark believe in natural artistic ability and natural, luxurious fabrics. Celebrating beauty in all forms and “carefully selecting the colours to bring art to life”, they source the most beautiful fabrics, allowing you to stand out and really show off your style.

“I believe colours can influence how we feel. The art of teaming pieces together into a complete outfit, may it be with a scarf or a pocket square can bring one’s personality to full play. You will radiate confidence to those around you making others feel good.”

Alongside Dipii Stark’s extensive effort in sourcing the best and finest quality fabrics, they also hold a strong environmentally conscious approach to their production and waste. Their printers and dye process use non-carcinogenic inks and ensure mindful waste usage and only use UK manufacturers to minimise their carbon footprint.

We stand by our words in saying Dipii Stark are the brand to watch out for. Invest in all the things needed to become the modern gentleman with Dipii Stark and their truly beautiful collection of pocket squares and accessories.

For more information check out : dipiistark.co.uk