Dress better this summer with Portia

We’re not here to make you change your style, We’re not here to dress you for work. We’re here to add those great accessories that will just finish off your everyday style. 

We’re here to dress you better this summer.

Shop, be inspired and create your style

The Milan Rope Bracelet

So, just adding something simple but significant to your wrist can amp up your style even when you’re out wearing shorts and tee or dressing up in chinos and a shirt. You can treat jewellery as the last piece to your style identity – the cornerstone that will finalise your outfit and style as a whole. So we’re loving this ‘new in’ creamy white Milan rope bracelet, inspired by boat knots. We like to think of these bracelets as a way to so-opt some of the swagger of rock stars and as our bracelets are inspired by boat knots, swashbuckling seafarers. Now you should be piling on more bracelets than a pirate.

But the key is to pile them up with all our range of different colours, until you’ve lost count and wear them till they fall off.  

The Mustard Brown Suede Belt 

Do you need a belt? Yes you do. Belts are just one of those accessories that we guys really do need, as not every pair of jeans, trousers or shorts look good without this slimline accessory. This will stop your wardrobe feeling a little meh, as there’s a lot of personality packed into this handsome mustard brown suede belt. A softer leather on the backside and a rounded brushed buckle will make it hard to ignore, and if you’re not into this colour we have it in navy, dark brown and mustard brown. This accessory has a lot to say and that’s why you should be rocking this statement belt this summer.

This is one way to cure your summer style boredom guys.

Blue Retro Swim Shorts 

Sun’s out guys, the vacation gates are opening and it’s time to think about those all important pairs of shorts. And if you want to look good, you’ll need a decent pair as now you’re a grown up, and you’ll need swim shorts that will reflect your good taste, like these bad boys,

the blue retro swim shorts, that are perfect if you want to grab some attention. 

Printed in vintage fabric style, with a cream drawstring, lightweight, and luckily for you, they dry quickly, to give a matt feeling to the fabric, (don’t you just hate sitting around in soggy swimwear). And when you’re done just fold them up into the back pocket. They’re not just for the lido, you know.

These retro style shorts will instantly make you look timelessly cool

Beige Floral Scarf

Ah, that summer scarf. To wear or not to wear, but with our inclement weather a lightweight scarf like this beige floral scarf in a blend of cotton and linen can change any outfit by adding a sense of flair. And a neutral colour of beige will keep it summery and light even though it sometimes might not feel it outside.

When linen is a great fabric to wear in summer albeit a suit, trousers or shorts, this scarf calls for a simple white shirt to ensure it does all the talking. So knot this scarf loosely on your jaunt through the town or city, or going to that summer soiree to ensure that you are the one that looks cool and stylish as the temperature rises.

We say, wearing this scarf is cooler than you think.

Pastel Pink Low Dad Cap

Want to wear a baseball cap with style? Read on….

Whether you just want to be a cool dad to shield yourself from the summer sun or keep your unruly lockdown hair in check, the low-fit, 90’s inspired, pastel pink low dad cap you’re going to need this season.

And you can let everyone know in the clearest possible way, that when you’ve got this ‘Busy Doing Nothing’ cap on you’re going to  ditch work, head home to the garden BBQ and you’re not to be bothered. 

Coming in 100% extra soft cotton, You can choose between three different embroideries, and if you’re not into pink, they are available in yellow or blue. 

And hide it from the girl in your life. They’re unisex too!