Drawstring trousers are having a moment

As comfortable clothes have taken centre stage in the recent few years, brands have pushed forward lots of items tailored towards relaxed fits and slouchy silhouettes.

Drawstring trousers are one item that really stand out. They have only recently become favourable as their relaxed shape didn’t previously fit in with the smart casual looks of former years.

Many brands are proving, however, that drawstring trousers can be just as smart as their waistband-wearing siblings. Paired with either a smart shirt and jacket or casual t-shirt, these versatile bottoms can be worn from the week straight into the weekend. Treating your pair of drawstring trousers with as much trust and responsibility as your favourite old pair of chinos will see you well through every season.

When choosing your pair, keep style in mind. If you’re looking for something comfortable but smart enough for the office, opt for a more tailored pair, or even a pair of drawstring chinos. If you’re happy to dress down, try a softer, more relaxed-fitting pair.

The type of waistband you choose also matters. Different drawstring trousers have different waistbands. Designs with ‘hidden’ drawstrings – with the waistband on the inside of the trouser – offer a more streamlined shape that better suits more tailored looks.

Linen, lightweight cotton and Tencel blends are a better option for the spring and summer months thanks to their breathable fibres. Cotton canvas and twill are better for autumn and winter, and also more hard-wearing due to their dense weaves.

If you’re up for it, then it’s time to begin your drawstring trouser journey.