Autumn ushers in the denim season, and it’s the perfect time to embrace this timeless fabric, and weekends are an excellent opportunity to don denim, but to avoid looking dated or like your dad (in a not-so-cool way), a little refinement is in order. Let’s clarify one thing: Doubling down on denim doesn’t simply mean piling on various shades of blue, instead, consider mixing one of your coloured jeans, like a chalky grey or jet black, with a washed indigo jacket. Prepare to receive compliments on how effortlessly cool and timeless you look – this style never goes out of fashion.

Among the fashion commandments, right after matching your belt with your shoes, there was always a rule against double denim. However, something shifted, street-style bloggers discovered ways to incorporate double denim for a contemporary workwear edge, and it worked splendidly. 

Here’s how to do it right. 

Chambray is often confused with denim, but it’s a lighter material, as the classic chambray shirt is a wardrobe essential and pairs exceptionally well with darker denim or white jeans. Avoid the preppy cliché by giving it a modern European twist – combine it with technical outerwear and dark denim. You can transform these off-duty staples into sophisticated dinner attire, start by tucking in a denim shirt and finish the look with a sharply tailored blazer.

The denim jacket is no longer limited to rebellious bad boys. Wear it in its raw form under a jacket  with a tie for a relaxed yet smart work appearance, but watch out for colour bleeding. Times have changed, and today, wearing your best jeans and a well-worn trucker jacket isn’t just acceptable; it’s encouraged, as long as you adhere to some guidelines.Triple down on vintage denim if you appreciate authentic, cowboy-quality pieces. and layer them for a bold statement.

Stick to dark, uniform washes for a foolproof denim ensemble, you know, dark denim, dark boots, and a dark shirt – this combination guarantees you’ll be at the top of your style game and if the Canadian Tuxedo isn’t your vibe, opt for double black denim instead of indigo blue. To infuse a low-key, rocker vibe, pair slim black jeans with a classic blue jacket, or go all-in with double black denim if you have an edgy sense of style.

Elevate distressed denim with suede snaffle loafers and in the summer, roll up the jeans just above the shoe tops and go sockless for a laid-back look. Achieving that “just rolled out of someone else’s bed” appearance is an art form and to nail this style, opt for loose and comfortable Japanese selvedge denim from head to toe.

Extreme bleaching and acid washes are making a comeback from the Seventies surfing scene. Embrace the Californian laid-back lifestyle by pairing these with darker denim-detail trainers. When committing to the denim-on-denim look, keep the rest of your outfit simple, like clean Chuck Taylors, to signal that you’re not just seeking attention.

If you’re contemplating wearing two similarly-hued denim pieces together, ensure that both are clean and unwashed indigo for a cohesive look.