Don’t Start Running In January

I get it; January comes around and everyone starts running, just look out of your window on the first of the month and the streets are awash with red-faced people dragging themselves down the road in the name of “new year, new me”. On one hand, this is great, people are taking action on the things they don’t particularly enjoy about themselves, but for me, this is riddled with problems that can easily be avoided.

Statistics state that 64% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions within the first month, and the reason for this is because most resolutions are far too vague; things like “get fit” or “get healthy” don’t have enough substance for them be continued beyond the initial honeymoon period. Setting goals that have specific dates, times and participants attached to them help to make sure they are maintained because this creates a mental cue for you to stick to.

The way in which I feel this can be overcome is by taking January to really think about your resolution. Use this time wisely to really close in your fitness goal and make sure it fits seamlessly into your already busy life. This way, by the time February comes around, you will be in a position to fully commit to the goal, make sure you have all kit and the mindset to execute it to the fullest.

Ultimately, lose the term “New Year’s Resolution” and just set a goal you are passionate about and believe you can achieve.

Also, start in February. Written by Tom Loughran