Hey guys, summer is here, and don’t you think it’s time to up your style game? But before you start to think about it, let’s talk about some rules for the season. First off, tennis is a yes, but cricket is less. Keep the parties in the garden classy—no one wants to deal with drunken shenanigans. And tattoos? Let’s say they’re a personal choice, but maybe think twice before getting inked or taking your shirt off.  Now, onto the fashion do’s and don’ts. DO make sure your shoes are well-maintained and polished, nothing ruins a great outfit like scuffed shoes. And DON’T even think about wearing flip-flops in town. Ever. They’re fine for the beach but not for hitting the streets and remember some timeless rules regarding clothing: never wear a tie wider than three inches, and save the plaid flannels for the lumberyard, not the office.

Fashion isn’t just about following rules—it’s about expressing yourself, the anything-goes vibe of recent years has given way to a return to elegance. The essence lies in achieving harmony between tradition and modernity, so, whether rocking a classic look or pushing the boundaries with something more cutting-edge, remember that fashion is subjective. Follow the guidelines, or don’t—it’s all about embracing and having fun with your style.

The do’s and don’ts about dressing this summer: Experiment with your wardrobe and don’t feel pressured to repeat outfits endlessly, instead, find new ways to enjoy your clothes and discover hidden gems in your collection. Avoid: Overdoing it with flared jeans, while ultra-skinny jeans can make a statement, too much flare can start to look outdated, so consider giving them a break for now and revisiting them in the future. Remember: It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed when in doubt,  And by opting for a more formal outfit ensures you’ll always feel in the right place while being underdressed can lead to uncomfortable situations.

Avoid garments with stretch materials, while they may provide comfort, items from athleisure-inspired stretch fabrics like jeans, shirts, and suits often need more durability and appear cheap and opt for authentic cotton and wool, which offer comfort and a timeless look. Remember, as an adult, you can maintain a sophisticated wardrobe without relying on overly stretchy materials and as an adult, there’s no necessity to envelop yourself in reminiscent comfy yoga-pant fabric all day long.

In recent years, there’s been a significant shift in trouser styles, moving away from the skinny trend that has dominated for so long. It’s all about wide-legged, loose-fitting trousers with a slightly retro vibe, think Dexter from ‘One Day’ Netflix film—lots of loose shirts, cashmere sweaters, and plain tees paired with a belt. Speaking of belts, if your pants have belt loops, always wear a belt, especially if your shirt is tucked in. it adds that finishing touch and completes the look. Finally, freak out your shoe game. If shoes define a man, then many are playing it too safe. It’s time to break out of the ordinary and explore the vast options. Try some Birkenstock mules, or go bold with strappy sandals to add a unique flair to your outfit, it’s the simplest way to inject some personality into your look.