Dockers Brand Introduces Wellthread to the World

The Dockers brand has always been talked about for it’s quality items that encompass’ style and this new launch has to be the most talked about for a long time. The new reveal showcases the new line of clothing that utilises the most innovative and sustainable techniques that the brand is keen to show support for, which encourages a better well-being of the workers who create the garments.

2Not so long ago there was a dinner and panel discussion hosted by LS&Co. at their Eureka innovation Lab. in San Francisco where Paul Dillinger was the lucky gent who introduced the new collection. However, the brand needed the perfect moment to unveil this revolutionary line to the sustainability in his role as senior director of colour, concept and design for the Dockers® brand, alongside Michael Kobori, Vice President of Sustainability.

4The current financial climate dictates that the world has a need for fast fashion, which has a negative affect of sustainable fashion. The Dockers brand is looking to alter the views and hopes that sustainable fashion becomes the new in thing. The Dockers team have looked to Levi Strauss & Co for inspiration from their archives to see how and why the best clothes stand the test of longevity and wear-ability. From this research, they were able to develop a wonderful pilot collection of khakis, jackets and T-shirts.

The design team at Dockers then collaborated with their suppliers to discover ways which would reduce the use of energy and water. this wonderful new process endorses special methods such as garment dyeing which also reduce the consumption of water and energy.

3This shows a knowledge and enthusiasm for true sustainable and environmentally friendly garments, they go beyond fabrics and design to create collections that are truly remarkable. Dockers® and Levi Strauss & Co. have worked long and hard to ensure the labour rights, health and safety of apparel workers in their contract factories are to the highest of standards. The company are now piloting a new approach with factories to support programmes that will improve the lives of workers in factories around the world. This new campaign has been titled, “Improving Workers’ Well Being” – which is a global initiative that will continue cultivating sustainable innovation across Levi Strauss & Co.’s business through employee education. This is a truly remarkable approach that we hope other brands and retailers will take inspiration from.

5The more this method of sustainability is utilised, the more it will benefit everyone. They are looking to build this process fro, the very beginning of manufacture to make sure they utilise environmentally friendly methods as a permanent thing. The world has become to reliant on cheap and poor quality garments in response to the economic crisis. Realistically speaking this is more expensive then spending money on long lasting quality items, just because items are cheap doesn’t mean you are saving money after you have to replace them several times.

Dockers & Levi Strauss & Co have the right idea with this new initiative and here at MFM, we are hoping the rest of the industry begins to follow suit.