Doc The Dude: Looking Good Isn’t Self-Importance; It’s Self Respect.

What a name – one that gives the air of a fashion forward man, bringing old style and new.

So master the art of dressing with Doc the Dude, and start experimenting with your style, it’s time to lock it down in a one day swoop by looking at the multitude of designers brands that we have in stock. By the time you hit this decade, whether your in your twenties, thirties or forty plus, you know what you like when it comes to clothes.

However what’s key with how to dress in your 30s is coming up with a list of “go-to” labels that fit both your personal aesthetic and your body. We cater for the smart-casual with jeans for every fit, monk straps that will take you from work to bar, and suits that you can wear to any boardroom meeting and look the sharpest guy there.

Looking for trainers? Trend-like designer trainers are a great addition to your ouvre, beautifully-made everyday bags for work and on the go anywhere, anytime sunglasses whether you’re a classic type or a guy who likes to go bold when it comes to lenses, there’s a pair of sunglasses for you.

When it comes to buying a polo shirt, there is nothing preppy about ours, and that’s why we love it; it can sit under a denim jacket, your best blazer, or stand on its own, all equally well. Having a few polo shirts in your wardrobe – in everyday neutrals and well as this colours that will always get you compliments and will instantly create a slew of new outfits for you to wear this autumn. Whether breaking free from your blue button-down shirt in the office, feeling a little more polished on your day-off, or just looking plain cool at an event or party, we have plenty of opportunities for you to reach for one.

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Whether you’re working your entire wardrobe for now or two last you through to the New Year ahead, or just filling in the gaps here and there because these Doc the Dude essentials will keep your style on point. Mix and match to your heart’s content and throw in a few style swerves here and there are for something for the little unexpected: you’ll make looking fly every day seem like a piece of cake.