Doboutique: unique collections for modern
gentlemen and contemporary women

In addition to the more famous fashion capitals in the world, such as Milan and Paris, there
is also Palermo. It was here, in fact, that over 100 years ago, Santi Dell’Oglio opened the
first emporium dedicated to luxury fashion. Today, the three boutiques of the Dell’Oglio
brand located in the heart of the Sicilian capital are joined by Doboutique, an online shop
where it is possible to find unique and original collections for both men and women.

The focus element of the clothing and accessories selected by Dell’Oglio, first Santi and then
his great-grandson Mario, has always been that of proposing a refined and elegant style, like
that of the English aristocracy, made glamorous and up to date by combining traditional
Italian tailoring with a touch of creativity. Even today, the collections chosen by Mario
Dell’Oglio offer this allure that satisfies the demands of contemporary, dynamic, and trendy
men and women.

A little bit of history about Dell’Oglio

It was 1890 when Santi Dell’Oglio, who regularly travelled to England to choose horses for
the Whitaker family, decided to start his first emporium. During his journeys, he had become
fascinated by the refined style of English gentlemen and wanted to bring it to his Palermo
too. A decision that immediately proved to be a great success and that, in addition to the first
shop in the city’s Telegraph, soon led to the opening of other shops in the heart of the

A men’s clothing stores were the first opened at that time in the stunning Via Maqueda,
followed by retail outlets dedicated to designer collections and women’s fashion. The
success, however, was not only due to the extraordinary selection of garments, but also to
the expert savoir-faire of the Dell’Oglio family and their employees.

Today, Mario Dell’Oglio not only runs this company that has seen three generations succeed
each other, but he is skilled at recreating the same pleasant and cozy atmosphere of the
physical shops even online with Doboutique.

Doboutique: Italian fashion with a British twist goes online

If visiting the Palermo boutiques of the Dell’Oglio feels like stepping into the past, even
online the collections, which are the result of Mario Dell’Oglio’s creativity and innate sense of
aesthetics, recall moments of lived life and traditions. Indeed, the clothes and accessories
are not only presented in the catalogue but come with a skilful storytelling that enhances
and contextualizes them.

The festive moments, as well as the anticipation for summer in the sunny and popular
Mondello beach become occasions to showcase the Italian sartorial tradition and to present

exclusive and original garments. Today, Doboutique is the reference for those who seek an
elegant and refined style, without renouncing a touch of glam and unconventionality.
Regardless of the season, occasion, or mood, thanks to the selections offered by
Doboutique, such as “Picks for her or him” or “Icon revisited”, customers can take inspiration
for refined and always up-to-date outfits.

In any case, in the extensive and constantly updated catalogue, it is possible to find
garments and accessories to meet different needs, especially for those who like to stand out
from the crowd and do not want to go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, Mario Dell’Oglio, who
heads the family business, also believes that every person should ‘be sincerely oneself and
not want to look like anyone else’.