So some basic advice, about the basics.

The shoe fashion is a bit of a fashion mystery. Obviously you have to wear them but are you a collector of different styles, and wear them appropriately with whatever you wear out or do you just chuck on the same old, same old as they are nearest the door.

As we know, sneakers or trainers are probably the most worn by you guys, every day, all week, maybe all year, they go with everything right? But have you ever thought of diverging into other styles that may match your wardrobe equally well but could make you look a little more polished? There are many shoes, boots and yes sneakers, that maybe would be an equal match to the clothes in your wardrobe.

One shoe that every man should own is a good pair of black lace-ups, ones that you can dress up or dress down, ones that will work with your best suit, your nicest chinos and your fave jeans, but they are just a pair of black leather shoes, but you will be surprised how different they look with a different outfit.  Wear them to work, the pub, the club or just out into the city or town. They are not just for that special-occasion.

Looking at loafers, definitely Italian approved as they wear them all the time, with everything.Style them with your edgier trousers and jeans, Contrast in key here. And the less traditionally worn with your clothes, the better they’ll look, and hey let’s keep the badassery level high, go for styles that are far more streamlined than square, that’ll land you on the right, rockstar approved.

If you’re going down the loafer road, wear a suit,  and you work in the corporate world, just make sure that there’s very little break at the hem of your trousers, just don’t wear loafers with a droopy suit.

Finally, let’s talk about shape and styles. So if you’re still walking around in those old square-toes. rubber-soled lace-ups, you know the cheap ones, grab them and throw them out. Good shoes will reveal whether you take pride in the little things. Your shoes should be as streamlined as the rest of your wardrobe, that means slim in contour and round but not sharp toes. They will look stylish, masculine and tasteful. Invest  in a handful of sensible and stylish pairs and take care of them and they will keep you looking good and sharp for years.

And that’s all you can ask for, isn’t it?