Do you really need a sweater vest?

In a word, yes. You really do need a sweater vest, and here’s why.

Massive in the 70’s, the sort of thing you’d see your grandad wear with a short-sleeved shirt, they fell out of fashion and spent a fair bit of time sat in the shade. Shunned by fashions big hitters, the equivalent of wearing white socks with a three piece suit, awkward to look at and even more awkward to wear.

But, like with all things in fashion, it’s come back around and I am here for it. The thing that sets this once forgotten piece out from the crowd is its ability to be dressed up or dressed down. Pair this with tailoring or a more casual outfit and add an instant twist. It also works incredibly when layered, so perfect for those colder days, so get yours now and see out spring in something a little different.

So, please stop hating on the humble sweater vest and allow me to show you through some my current favourites.

Arket – Crew-Neck Wool Vest – £59

Keeping it simple from Arket, spice up your boring office wear with this woollen vest.

Aimé Leon Dore – Crochet Vest – £275

My favourite of the lot; the ribbed v neck, the print, the soft pink and green tones work amazingly well. Layered over a crisp white shirt or brazenly worn alone, it’s your shout, but it’ll look great.

Zara – Striped Knit Vest – £7.99

Never ones to be left out, Zara are known for creating some interesting pieces and this is

excellent. The horizontal stripes in autumn hues make this very wearable with a number of outfits.

Trust me, just try one, the 70’s will thank you.

Written by Tom Loughran