Diverso SS14 Collection

What could be better than a suit? Well, perhaps a suit you could wear for any occasion. Generally, suits are worn for formal situations, the tie, blazer, shirt, trousers all fitting together to create an image of pure elegance. With the SS14 Diverso collection, designer James Reynolds has taken that elegance and fused it into creating casual suits that can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

With the task at hand, Reynolds knew that he wanted to keep an emphasis on the fabrics used. He said, “rich, luxurious textures are used for the more elegant and understated elements with fabrics like our floral prints used to inject a bit of colour and fun into the season.”

image 1

One of the stand-out pieces in the collection is the pink two-piece suit which is completed with a subtle red dickie-bow. The attention to detail – the patterned pocket square and brown belt – emphasis this understanding of the important of colour. Colour becomes the landmarks in this collection, with blues, faint gold, turquoise and browns used in a way that balances this line between wearing suits for smart occasions and casual ones.

The casual atmosphere created with this clothes is, again, expressed in the minor details. But, as you know, we at MFM are all about the minor details. Reynolds has opted for casual, suede shoes rather than the generic smart leather thus tipping the balance more towards the casual and making suits ready to be worn at any occasion.

image 2

Perhaps the final important thing to note about the Diverso SS14 collection is the tailoring. Jackets are slim fitted, two buttons are used. The feel that is created from this kind of tailoring expresses the versatility that the collection is striving for. It has – as is the brand’s focus – merged Italian craftsmanship with British designs.

image 3

So what do you think? Are you elated? Has the elegance and importance of suits being worn in smart situations been transformed to your liking? As always we want to hear from you so hit the comments and spread your thoughts.