Discover the World of Italian Craftsmanship with Superglamourous Shoes

  Create a unique pair of  Italian shoes that reflects your personal style

If you’re looking for exceptional footwear that combines style, craftsmanship, and comfort, look no further than Superglamourous. Founded in the fashion mecca of Milan in 2012, this brand has been making waves in the world of men’s shoes with its dedication to quality and artisanal flair. The heart of Superglamourous beats in the province of Vigevano, and the brand’s journey began with a simple idea – to reimagine the slipper, an iconic accessory favoured by stylish men. If you want to know why these shoes are way above the rest, look at the culture and the savoir-faire of ‘Made in Italy’ revealed in the traditional “a sacchetto” technique, also known as the Bolognese workmanship method. Superglamourous injected this classic concept with modern elegance, creating a range of shoes cherished by gentlemen worldwide. 

Superglamourous specialises in full-grain leather sneakers meticulously handcrafted by a small team of skilled artisans. As the workplace dress code gets increasingly laid back and casual, it’s up to you to kick some class back into the office with loafers, skate and slipper shoes on the way. They’ve been a calling card for Italian businessmen forever, and they recently got a revamped, and they know their leather, think ab out pairing them with suits or jeans to wear them twice as often. 

Having won fans worldwide, the brand is expanding to conquer your entire wardrobe by launching made-to-order or custom-made shoes that will notably make you stand out from the crowd, and here’s why they are worth consideration. You get that perfect fit with bespoke shoes explicitly crafted for your feet. Designed to match the contours and dimensions of your feet, ensuring a perfect fit and you choose a unique style. With custom-made shoes, you can choose the design, materials, colours, and details according to your preferences.

Superglamourous take great pride in their work and employ highly skilled artisans, so the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into custom-made-to-order shoes is an experience. Collaborating with a shoemaker to create your unique pair is exciting and satisfying, allowing you to be part of the creative process and ensuring you get what you want with an emphasis on quality materials. Custom shoemakers often prioritise using high-quality materials, and you can choose materials that are aesthetically pleasing but also durable and sustainable.In a world where workplace dress codes are increasingly relaxed, Superglamourous aims to reintroduce class and sophistication. Their loafers, skate shoes, and slipper shoes designed to bring a touch of timeless Italian style to the modern office, swinging freely between classic and high fashion, casual and sporty. 

These shoes, which have long been the trademark of Italian businessmen, have received a contemporary makeover from Superglamourous, making them suitable for suits and jeans and the customer’s personal taste. 

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