Derek Rose Launch Slim Fit Boxer Shorts‏

When it comes to items of fashion that others can’t see the question resides – why should we care? Fashion is arguably about expression and to express yourself via clothes that can’t be seen by others seems almost pointless. With Derek Rose’s boxer shorts, however, it isn’t about people seeing, it’s about the person wearing. It’s about comfort both physically and through your own sense of style.


Through the years, Derek Rose has produced a range of different types of boxer shorts. From cotton to silk, the focus has been on comfort with a stylistic edge. With his new range coming this season, Rose has decided to throw the net out that bit further. This is in the form of the Modern Fit Boxer Short which features a slimmer, contemporary cut whilst still offering the comfort of a woven boxer short.

With this new idea, there were, of course, challenges. One of these was the new shape that the boxer short would demand. The purpose with this new type of short was to make something that would have all the qualities that Derek Rose bases itself on. That being a look that is both sleek and modern but maintaining a comfortable, relaxed feel.


With this at the centre of the creation it was accomplished and the next step was to apply ‘classic’ gentlemen boxer shorts to a cut much closer to the body. Derek Rose wanted, therefore, to create a box short that was slim and had a flattering silhouette. Due to this, it is, as they themselves put it, perfect for wearing under narrow-legged trousers, where a classic boxer might be overly baggy and uncomfortable.

The mash-up between intellect and originality is increasing within the world of fashion. With Derek Rose as a prime example, it shows that what we perceive to be redundant is, in fact, far from it. Should boxer shorts, therefore, fall low on our list of priorities when it comes to enhancing our look and comfort? As you know, we, at MFM, are all about the minor details and with the amount of intellect going into the new Derek Rose range it seems silly not to. Shop the full collection here.