Delikatessen AW14 Collection

Here, at MFM we love all of the classic, luxury brands that are often featured on these pages, but we just as much enjoy introducing you to brands that you may have not heard so much about before. Delikatessen is one of those brands.

delikate 1

For those that are new to the label – they were founded in 2009 by Messer’s Andre Lisowski and Stephen Hartog. Based in Amsterdam, the menswear line prides itself on using the most refined fabrics available to offer supreme comfort and that all important soft touch.

delikate 2

As we would expect from our menswear brands, the focus is on well-tailored and effortless garments where old craft is combined with a modern approach to design. This is very much the score for the brand’s Autumn/Winter offerings.

delikate 3

The collection is based around the concept of the harvest, specifically the IT vegetable kale which has been sourced from Burgundy gardens. You may wonder what a vegetable has to do with fashion and you would be right to do so – the colour, mineral qualities and beauty of the vegetable are parallel to the styles and fabrics in this season’s collection.

delikate 4

Subtly sophisticated, the key fabrics are cottons mixed with wool and silk, vintage chambrays from Japan, three ply vintage gaze and thick denims with unique waffle structures. The knits are also a real highlight – slow vintage Wagayama knits are soft and stylish and look great when paired with the Delikatessen shirts for the season which have some great print designs on them.

delikate 5

We are very excited to see what Delikatessen come up with in the future and have no doubt that their honest and sophisticated designs will continue to see the brand really grow. For now, we would be happy with one of those soft and stylish bomber jackets to keep us warm.