Date night looming up with a new girl, taking her to an upmarket cocktail bar? Worried about what you’re going to wear, maybe not too smart but not casual, or not too casual but pretty smart? The cocktail attire dress code is a popular and versatile style that strikes a perfect balance between casual and formal dressing, like for events and occasions that call for a more polished appearance than casual wear but are not as formal as a more stiff way of dressing. But can you wear it ? 

Deciphering the cocktail attire dress code can indeed be one of the most significant challenges in menswear. When you receive an invitation with the dreaded phrase on that party invite, “cocktail attire or amorphous drinking party” is it a subtle request to dress up without the strict formality of black-tie attire, as the key to nailing this dress code lies in finding the perfect suit or the ‘broken suit’ that strikes the right balance between formal and stylish, without veering into either extreme.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that a cocktail attire suit should be well-tailored and of high quality. Avoid overly casual suits like linen or cotton, as they might not exude the necessary level of elegance or opt for classic materials like wool, which offer a polished look and drape well on the body. Next, if you’re looking for a sharper look, try navy, you know the little blue number that was squirrelled away somewhere in the back of your wardrobe, with a nice tonal shirt, you can drop the tie, that’s a bit much we say, or consider the colour and pattern of your suit. Darker colours like navy, charcoal, or black are traditional choices that work well for evening events. Just remember to accessorise a lot of flair.


You can wear separates, you know smart blazers and tailored trousers, ‘the broken and that’s either a suit jacket with informal trousers or suit trousers with a blazer or another different coloured suit jacket, either with a rather smooth merino wool polo neck sweater, alright then, you know in winter, or in the summer on cooler nights, or a solid coloured polo shirt, or Oxford shirt. The goal is to look refined, so avoid flashy or bold patterns that can be distracting, your date is looking for that perfect guy, not a clown, and the key to mastering cocktail attire lies in dressing smartly and tastefully without being too extravagant or too casual. Remember, the key to dressing for a date with a cocktail attire dress code is to strike the right balance between sophistication and personal style. Showcasing your self-assurance and sense of fashion will undoubtedly impress your date and set the stage for a memorable evening, and hopefully you’ll get the girl.The devil is in the details, so pay attention to your shirt, tie, shoes, and accessories to achieve a polished and elegant look. You can certainly thank us, anytime.