Dapper Dan: The Best Hair Styling Powder for Men

2021 as a result of the pandemic saw many trends emerge when it comes to men’s hairstyling. However, in terms of products, 2021 was certainly styling powder’s year. Styling powder’s unique application offers a refreshing difference from Pastes and Clays. This is exactly what’s helped propel it to now become an essential of men’s styling. Now a staple of every good barbershop, this product has seen so many brands creating their own version. Yet, there is one that stands above the rest! Dapper Dan ‘Texture Dust’, released around 3 years ago has quickly become a favourite for so many men worldwide, through its unrivalled quality, great smell and stand out packaging.

Dapper Dan, based in Sheffield and established in 2011, started with just one product, Matt Paste, which remains one of their most popular products to date. Slowly over time, the brand has developed an extensive product range opting to put quality over quantity in their painstakingly long product development process. With their catalogue of products ranging from Pomades to Beard Balms, Dapper Dan often says it prides itself on its ability to meet any styling need. The time, passion and expertise taken to produce each product becomes evident the moment you use any Dapper Dan product, the absolute quality and craftsmanship simply shine through.

This pursuit for the highest quality barbershop products has earned the Sheffield brand global recognition, being used and sold in thousands of barbershops worldwide.

If you’re looking to enter the world of styling powder then we highly recommend trying Dapper Dan’s Texture Dust. Its fantastic high hold and ultra-matte effect means that you only need a pinch to last you all day, without the need to constantly reapply to sustain your style. Dapper Dan’s Texture Dust follows the brand’s signature trend of water-based products that wash out easily the first time. Something that sets them apart from other products which annoyingly cling to your hair. Alongside this, it’s no surprise Texture Dust’s fragrance of citrus cologne stands out from its competition, with the brand renowned for the superb scents of its products.

Don’t just take our word for it, the product’s reviews on Amazon speak for itself with reviews claiming “It’s on another level” and “This powder is simply banging”.
2021 certainly saw the revival of styling powder for men, but it’s not going anywhere. There’s no better time to try Dapper Dan’s world-renowned Texture Dust.