Côte&Ciel Introduce New Bags

Forward thinking brand Côte&Ciel have released two new amazing bags as part of their ever growing innovative style. The Parisian brand already have a number of amazing pieces to be had, and these two new pieces will have accessory nuts like myself, salivating at the thought of purchasing such stylish pieces of menswear.

isar_rucksack_coral_basalt_sideFirstly there is a new version of the classic rucksack which features a reconstructed styling and a built in hood which is something we haven’t seen before.  It gives off this feeling of a Gothic warrior or a fashion forward interpretation of the assassin’s creed games. Or it may even just be handy with the way the rain has been falling recently.

isar_rucksack_coral_granite_threefourthsThe second bag from the brand is a first for them, a travel bag in the most chicest of Parisian style is the latest bag to add to their collection. It falls more into the classic and traditional style of travel bags, and it falls in the same vein of those rugged style bags that are wonderful as a carry on or just for a quick weekend away.

All bags are now available for purchase on the Côte&Ciel website.