Cool Dressing Tips for College Men

Dress code speaks volumes about a person. By looking at someone’s attire, you can tell a lot about them, such as mood, personality, identity, and values. For instance, pop colors are associated with boldness, attention-seeking, and extroverted people, while dull colors can be interpreted as showing a sad mood or introversion. 

Dress code is the first impression someone gets after seeing you, and it can make and break how a person sees and relates with you. In college, life as an adult has just started, and for men, this means understanding who you are and finding what fits you. While this may seem easy, dressing in college might be challenging. The peer pressure, the trends, and the thrill of looking nice can leave you confused, not knowing what to wear and when. We all know college can be unforgiving, especially concerning appearances and outfits. But worry not; we’ve curated some cool dressing tips for college men to help you achieve a glamorous look.

Have Fundamentals That Never Go Out of Style

You might want a stylish and classic look but don’t want to drain all your money on clothes. Remember, you still have other college expenses, such as food, entertainment, and buying papers at an essay writing service. The trick is to stop chasing trends that are way out of your league. Instead, focus on having basic clothes that fit your style. A major fundamental piece of clothing that you can never go wrong with is a T-shirt. Look for cotton, high-quality T-shirts. White, black, and grey colors are a must-have for men. They go well with everything, whether pants or shorts. 

Another must-have attire is jeans. They are easy to wear and go well with accessories. Cool colors include different shades of blue and black. Besides, your wardrobe shouldn’t miss a leather jacket. Nothing speaks class like a leather jacket. Find a few leather jackets that go well with your choice of pants. You can never go wrong with a fitting leather or denim jacket. A trench coat and scarf are also must-have for the winter season.

Blazers are another must-have attire that never goes out of fashion; however, you have to be careful about the color. Pick black, brown, or blue if you are unsure about color. They are forgiving and can go with almost everything in the wardrobe since they are neutral colors. 

Equipping your wardrobe with basic attire doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy trending designer clothes. It doesn’t hurt to have one or two; the bottom line is ensuring you have the basics before going for trendy, high-end clothing.

Wear Outfits That Make You Feel Confident

Regardless of the clothes you wear, no matter the price, the primary thing as a college man is confidence. It does not matter whether you are short, tall, dark, light, fit, or your body size; nothing speaks boldly like confidence. Even if you get the most renowned world designer with no confidence, the outfit won’t make you look spectacular. A significant part of style is confidence.

Choose the Perfect Fit

Choose clothes that fit you depending on your body size. Unless you are in your room relaxing, don’t show up in class or any event in a baggy shirt and oversized jeans that you struggle to keep in shape with the belt. Anytime you step in public, ensure you wear attire that fits well. If the clothing does not fit your size, don’t buy it. 

Forcing clothes on your body can make you look cheap. While there is an ongoing trend for baggy clothes, they are buggy but fit. The trick is knowing your size and only putting on appropriate clothes. For suits, you might want to consider tailored suits over readymade. They may be expensive, but they are worth it.

Up Your Shoe Game

A good shoe is a man’s prized possession. Studies have shown that men are obsessed with their footwear. A man can wear a shoe that is twice the amount of the rest of the outfit. It is because shoes tell a story and can make or break your look. Here is a fun fact: shoes can be used to gauge a man’s wealth in business. 

Up your shoe game by having a variety of shoes. The options are plenty; you can wear sneakers, boots, leather-polish shoes, vans, etc. However, you have to make sure they match well with your clothes. It’s like buying papers online; there are many writing services to buy from, but you have to choose those that will customize your paper according to your needs, such as

Accessorize Well

Pick your accessories well. One of the most common accessories for a man is a watch. Nothing gives masculine vibes like a nice watch. Find a leather, silver, or even plastic watch, and make sure it is classic. A good watch goes well with any outfit; it never disappoints. If you are into accessories such as wrist chains or necklaces, don’t overdo them. Also, pick what matches your age; according to designers, silver looks good on younger men. 

Try Layering

Layering is another cool way of dressing where you blend different styles of clothes. It allows you to experiment and gives you a timeless and unique look. While layering, remember to keep note of the proportions of the clothing in the base, middle, and outer layers. They should be of different lengths and harmonious in color and texture.

Experiment and Find Your Signature Wear

A college guy needs to look bold. Experiment with different clothes and styles, and find out what best suits you. Whether you are a minimalist approach look kind of guy, casual look, streetwear, or classy look, find your style and own it.


A man’s outfit speaks volumes about him. As a young and vibrant college man, you need to bring your A-plus dress style. It doesn’t mean you have to drain your finances; get the basics like T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. When it comes to style, you must find the right balance between your choice of clothes and your body. Also, accessorize well and level up your shoe game. Keep up with trends such as layering and, above all, choose attires that make you feel confident. Everybody loves a confident man.