Converse Launch All Star Rubber Shoes

Wearing trainers in the rain can be a tricky business, they get wet, the suede gets ruined, the laces go black and you come home at the end of the day with soaking feet. Luckily, things have changed with the new collection developed by those kind people at Converse.

converse 1

There are not many men’s shoes that can be classed as “iconic”. The brogue perhaps is an exception and the monkstrap may also be getting there, but in terms of sporty shoes, the Converse All Star is the most iconic of them all.

converse 2

One of the brand’s best known designs (along with the sleek Jack Purcell’s) the All Stars are defined by their thick soles and hanging tongues. With such a well-known design, the challenge lies in what can be done to make it different and interesting. To do just that, Converse has developed a range made entirely of rubber. Yes rubber.

converse 3

The new shoes feature soft fleece lining, the classic gusseted tongue and brass eyelets, all of which is covered in water resistant rubber. This may sound look a rather odd concept but there is no doubt that when it comes to festival season when you are wading through the mud, or when you are struggling through rainy days home, these shoes will come in handy.

converse 4

Designed as a hybrid between the sneaker and the Wellington boots, the new range stands out mainly for the vibrant colours that the sneakers are available in. New colours include a classic black (we can definitely see Kanye sporting a pair) with more out there colours like wild honey (read yellow) and elderberry (purple).

converse 5

As purveyors of a classic approach to dressing, we would opt for the smart navy or dark khaki shades which would work well for off duty outdoors. Available now, from £59.99 at Office.