Converse Jack Purcell X Hancock

Beloved Converse fans will be happy to hear that the label will be collaborating with British luxury brand Hancock Vulcanised Article . The twist on these cult shoes will be  the material they are made of and how they are designed to be waterproof. I think it is safe to say that any British/Converse lover will be rejoicing in this news.

image 1

The Hancock take on the sneakers concentrates on the comfort factors by featuring a soft rubber lining inside the shoe, and the exterior is also made of a water repellent material. Thomas Hancock who is known for creating the masticator, a machine that shredded rubber, is the best suited brand to create a durable and versatile pair of shoes. His fascination with rubber stemmed from an early age and this is translated into his creatively crafted coats.

The limited edition collection comes in three tasteful colours that can be incorporated for your 2014 Spring wardrobe. Gary Bott, the Co-Founder of Hancock Vulcanised Articles said ‘we really wanted to create something special that reflects the modern, forward thinking creative outlook of both brands, but with a nod to tradition, craftsmanship and functionality’.

image 2

The limited edition collection start at £170.