Welcome to the golden age of coats. Everyone has one, maybe even two or three, but not everyone can wear them properly. Coats of course have always be iconic in menswear since time immemorial, But we are moving into a new era, what brings men to have an appreciation for a classic style with performative dressing, and nothing looks more distinctive, whatever coat you’re wearing than either a classic, opulent or just everyday coat over a simple outfit. And if the basic of coats don’t fit into your lifestyle, like teddy bear coats and conceptual so ugly-they’re-cool trenches or parkas won’t quite fit in your wardrobe style, then it’s down to you guys to choose coats that are classic, handsome and well made, and you well may have one or two already hanging in your wardrobe.

But buying a coat does come with some blunders, that you should really look out for whether you’re burying new or wearing old.

Some coats are too boxy for some shapes, and this can make a stocky man look too wide and short, thin guys even thinner!

If your coat is too long, you’ll also end up with your sleeves going past your palms or the coat will hit you mid-shin and if it’s really long it’ll end up getting grubby along the hemline. Not really sure why guys would wear a full length coat, personally think it looks like a blanket you threw over yourself. No, don’t do it.

Don’t go nuts and buy a coat that is ultra trendy and basically ‘the coat of spring 23’ because we can guarantee it’ll go out of style. And who wants to invest in a coat that’ll probably look ridiculous in 3 months after it’s been bought!

Sometimes coats can come across looking very devilish but way too complicated, you know epaulettes, too many pockets, zips, straps or even weird sewn on badges or motifs, this can make your coat look a little cheap and tacky. 

And then there’s the time you’ve been wearing a coat that is totally inappropriate for the weather. You should at least have one coat that will look cool and keep you cool in the warmer months, and one that will see you through an arctic blizzard.

So, on top? Good winter coats could be slightly oversized, to accommodate the layers underneath and should ideally be double-faced and dark like a peacoat, and this coat is one of those unchanging fashion classics that rarely gets tweaked if you want a shorter coat. If you prefer that slightly longer overcoat, try a crombie or topcoat that will look excellent and help put the look together. You could try a textured greatcoat with a slouchy appeal, or a double breasted overcoat, both hip length or a little longer that should hit just around the knee or above and you don’t have to stick to dark colours, just fine the colour that you’ve always liked the most. Et Voila: you should be ready to try your coat in the cold weather.

But don’t forget if you buy wisely, your coat will go through spring to summer and back again, when maybe the days are a little chilly. Remember we live in Britain, whatever the season we can get four seasons in one day. And don’t forget, you can keep your black boots.