Collar Club: A New Luxury Shirt Subscription Service for the Modern Gentleman

Every man wants to feel like James Bond from time to time. A seemingly never-ending supply of immaculate clothing at your fingertips, leaving you time to shoot down those villains and save the day.

collar 1

What if we told you that there is a service that can enable you to feel a little more Bond and a little less drab? Collar Club is a shirt subscription service for the modern, fashion-conscious but ever-busy gentleman. While the service won’t sign you up with a job with MI6, they will supply you with a range of luxurious, made-to-order, Italian made shirts.

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Becoming James Bond doesn’t come cheap, and a monthly subscription costs £95. However, this guarantees you with eleven top quality, lavish shirts. What’s more, your subscription entitles you to have five of your shirts luxuriously laundered, perfectly packed and delivered to your door every single week of the year. It’s like putting on a brand new shirt every day.

collar 3

You don’t see James Bond fussing over laundry. Each week, your worn shirts are collected: you longer need to worry about washing and ironing. You’ll free up some precious time and never be without a fresh, crisp shirt again.

Once you’ve subscribed, you will need to select your desired shirt measurements for that perfect fit. You’ll also be able to select your shirts’ finishing touches such as cuff and collar finishes to reflect your personal style. Who wants to blend in with the crowd?

collar 4

Collar Club’s shirts are crafted from the finest 100% Egyptian cotton two-fold twill. In fact, the company use the same Italian shirt-makers who already work with some of the most prestigious global menswear brands.

collar 5

So how are they able to keep costs reasonable? According to the brand, “Without the overheads of the traditional bricks and mortar, the unique made-to-order model allows us to deliver the same quality to members without the added price tag.”

Furthermore, Collar Club then uses a highly advanced washing system, which, they claim, is not only very kind on the environment, but gentle on the shirts as well.

collar 6

The company is the brainchild of London based ex-city banker, Hasan Mustafa, who, after 20 years of frustration over the time it took to have smart-looking and crisp shirts on hand, decided to create a service for men with similar issues.

Visit to find out more. For all those undercover Bonds out there, this might be just the service for you.