COAST CLOTHING | Day-to-night, they got you covered

In our view, few things rival the appeal of a well-crafted Oxford shirt, but now is your chance to change all that. As the sun graces us with its presence and our preference for robust shirting wanes slightly in favour of lighter, more breathable options, the cool, composed linen shirt emerges as our go-to wardrobe essential to the end of summer. Just as necessary for summer as the short-sleeved, men’s linen shirts offer practicality, particularly for those prone to perspiration on humid days; thanks to their low thread count, their lightweight construction allows for better airflow, enhancing comfort in warmer weather. While linen may wrinkle more efficiently, two choices are to hone your ironing skills or to embrace the natural wrinkles. In more casual styles, a slightly rumpled linen shirt only adds to the relaxed vibe.

As temperatures rise, it’s not just about getting a t-shirt tan and finding reasons to wear shorts to work; it’s also prime time for the beloved natural fabric: linen. For those unfamiliar, linen is a wonderfully breathable, soft, naturally wrinkled, and lightweight material, making it perfect for spring and summer outfits. Coast Clothing’s cedar green linen shirt is beautifully made from premium linen, it is a versatile button-up shirt that is stylish on any occasion and unbeatable in comfort. With short sleeves and a straight fit, it offers a contemporary edge, while its button-through design simplifies the creation of stylish ensembles. Coast Clothing‘s eco-conscious packaging also reflects its commitment to sustainability, ensuring that your fashion choices support a greener future.

Raise your laid-back summer style with a wardrobe essential: the men’s long-sleeved green striped linen shirt. Coast Clothing has the finest linen shirts on the market; this green stripe linen shirt is no exception, pair it with Coast Clothing board shorts for a beach-to-alfresco drinks vibe that effortlessly transitions from day to night, and you can be confident all day with the breathable comfort of 100% linen fabric. Straight fit design, standard collar, and button-through front offer style and ease. This linen shirt offers versatility, allowing you to wear the sleeves rolled up or down, and it’s essential to maintain good colour contrast with a shirt-chino combo. This green-striped linen shirt doesn’t have to be worn as a single layer; it can be layered over a fitted tee for cooler summer nights. 

Getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging, but Coast Clothing can help you with something for lounging or bedtime. A waffle knit top beautifully crafted from 100% cotton, this classic long-sleeved pyjama top is soft and comfortable against your skin, ensuring ease of movement during sleep. It’s high time to bid farewell to old, worn-out tees and boxers, and instead, opt for a luxurious pyjama top designed to make you feel like royalty as you hit the hay. Building a perfect nighttime routine and cultivating good habits are essential for a restful sleep, so why not do it in style? It is designed with waffle stitching throughout, with a ribbed neckline, sleeves, and hemline for shape and durability, and the relaxed fit at the torso, waist, and armholes add to its comfort, allowing any man to drift off into dreamland in style. Say goodbye to tossing and turning all night—with this waffle top, you’ll get the rest you deserve.

No matter your preference, the styling options are limitless. A quality linen shirt complements tailored attire just as well as it does an intelligent pair of chinos. A men’s waffle knit top is undoubtedly the answer if you’re seeking a versatile addition to your summer lounging or sleep.