Coach Fall 2015 Collection

As we eagerly await summertime, autumn 2015 may seem like a distant, unwanted thought. Not if Coach has anything to do with it. Earlier this month, the fashion brand showcased its Men’s Fall 2015 collection at London Collections: Mens, marking Stuart Vever’s debut collection as Executive Creative Director.

coach 1

The collection is stylish, daring, cutting-edge and sophisticated. The cult wardrobe pieces combine tradition and authenticity with a modern, playful attitude. According to Coach, the collection has been “curated for a new audience, with an individuality born of New York”.

coach 2

Founded in 1941 in a Manhattan loft, the family-run business worked hard to create handmade wallets and billfolds. Determined to spread their passion about fashion, the company worked hard to create unique and exciting fashion pieces; the 1973 Duffle Sac is still coveted today.

In 1981, Coach’s first flagship store opened on Madison Avenue, marking the start of the brand that we know today. Finally, in 2011, the brand’s much sought-after first European store was opened on New Bond Street in London.

coach 3

The brand has stayed true to their roots, creating a collection that is truly American. Inspired by the likes of The Beastie Boys, the Kennedy boys, Steve McQueen and Gus Van Sant, Coach have skilfully combined elements of what it means for them to be American. As they state themselves, the collection is “remixes of American originals, made personal”.

coach 4

Coach’s range of vintage, Hollywood inspired jackets are the real show stealer of the range. Combining bright oranges and deep purples with a range of high-quality materials, the jackets are both unique and trend-setting.

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If you can’t wait until the autumn collection is released, take a look at their current collections at  Coach’s Fall 2015 collection is bound to get you waiting eagerly for those leaves to fall off the trees.