Closer to the coast – Armor-Lux

With a reputation for high-quality apparel, Armor-Lux has blossomed into an iconic Breton brand worshipped in the urban and streetwear fashion circle.

Inspired by the sea, Armor-Lux design team targets a clientele looking for a trendy urban style as well as a population seeking well made timeless nautical pieces.

Even under a globalized and risky environment, Armor-Lux continues to keep quality and sustainable development at the heart of its strategy and activities. Producing fashion essentials adaptable to the streets and coast, such as: 

The Iconic Knitted Striped Shirt 

Classically worn by Breton fishermen for centuries. The legend says that Breton fishermen wore this striped shirt because it made it easier to distinguish fishermen that went overboard against the dark water. As a matter of fact, every family had its own stripe pattern, whereas the color was always the same: indigo blue! 

The Fisherman Smock

Another Breton classic garment. Fishermen used to make theirs out from worn out sails. One of the best seller colour is actually a brick red that was typical from ‘Synagot’ sailing boat sails.

Made of 100% canvas cotton, the Armor-Lux smock is a tough, practical yet trendy tunic. A front button closing from the inside and an inside pocket are designed to prevent sailors to get caught in ropes and fishing nets.

The Caban

The Caban (pea coat or reefer jacket) has been part of the French sailor’s uniform since 1853. It was initially made by the sailors themselves who knew how to waterproof it with a mix of tar, tallow and pine oil.

It has since become an all-time piece of menswear with very versatile assets: from a classic to a sporty look. Naturally, the pea coat is also now part of women’s wardrobe essentials now. 

The Sailor Sweater

At first meant for fishermen to protect against rough sea conditions, the sailor sweater was first worn as a warm second skin garment.

Originally called in French «Chandail», the word is still commonly used in Canada to refer to a sweater. It is actually an abbreviation of marchand d’ail (garlic merchants) that described those Breton merchants that went over the channel to England to sell their garlic and onions!

Designed with a side-buttoned placket on the left shoulder (a functional attribute at first), our mariner sweaters are knitted in a dense and thick wool.

These more? To stay up to date on the growing collection of wardrobe essentials, check out @armor.lux.